Union negotiates 7.17 percent raise for county employees

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

After watching their net pay drop year after year for this entire decade, San Bernardino County general employees may finally see a slight bump in their bottom lines soon thanks to new terms negotiated by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1932.  The first one percent across-the-board raise will take effect Dec. 12, 2015, if the terms of the tentative agreement are approved by the bargaining units represented by Teamsters.

A second one percent raise is scheduled for July 23, 2016.  In July 2017, employees will received two percent and then in July 2018, three percent.  The contract will end July 31, 2019.  With compounding, the across-the-board raises equal a 7.17 percent increase over the 42 months of the contract.

Also included in the tentative agreement are equity raises for 177 classifications, longevity pay for those with continuous county service of 15 years or more, and an increase to medical premium subsidies of approximately two percent.  A number of position-specific adjustments are also included in the terms.

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11 thoughts on “Union negotiates 7.17 percent raise for county employees

  1. This is not a good deal. 7% over 4 years doesn’t even cover a cost of living increase and this county has seen home prices and rents shoot up. Once again, union-busting Devereaux has insulted county workers. Look at the comps

  2. So they’re giving us SOME of the money back that they’ve taken from us over the years…

  3. People are crazy if they thought the teamsters would have gotten back all that was lost over the years in the 6 months they have been around. We “only” got 7%. Geez, how much do you think SBPEA would have gotten us? It probably would have been the first time in history that takeaways happened during an economic opener.

  4. Great last post! I completely agree, and if i read correctly you can get another 2% next Dec. if you have the longevity. I think people dont look at the big picture of highest earnable comp determining the retirement formula. I will gladly take 9% added to my earnable comp so you can base my retirement payment off the higher number. Personally i hope we get a 7% contract every 4 years, i have about 12 to go. You also hit the nail right on the head, if there was no Teamster involvement SBPEA would not have been able to get us a dime, our CAO would have eat them up and spit them out! You would be picking up another 7% of your retirement cost!

  5. Thats less than 1.8% a year. At what I get paid, that only pays for one decent prostitute a year…. and that’s before the Teamsters dues increase takes their bite out of it.

  6. No offense to the team who negotiated with the county for the 7% raise over 4 years, but this is not a good deal and an insult to hard working county employee’s who have been getting screwed over for the last several years.

    If memory serves me correctly the contract between teamsters and SBPEA allows member dues to increase if we get a 1% raise which again if memory serves that means 1/2% increase is all we will see. Each subsequent raise we have been offered directly correlates with a point where the union increases our dues. The union is getting pacified by the county the employee’s are still getting screwed.

    A retroactive increase should be part of any agreement with the county. We lost a big chunk of change when took away the retirement pick-up, we need to be compensated for that loss. We have not been keeping up with inflation nor are our wages comparable to those of neighboring local government employee’s doing the same job.

    I really thought Teamsters would put some bite into the negotiations, guess not.

  7. You are wrong on the dues increase. Current dues are .5%, will go up to .8% with first raise, which says employees see .7 of the raise. Second raise 1%, dues go up to .9% which means employees see .8 of the raise. In other words of the 2% raise, dues will take .5% so the actual take home of 2% is 1.5%. Get out your calculator.

    • My error, I could not find the document for the exact figures, going by memory sometimes is not always accurate. I will say that when dealing with the difference between what I said and what you said – It don’t much matter were still getting screwed and a 08% or 1.5% raise does not make up for the losses and won’t help out the employee’s bottom line. The union is getting what they need to increase our dues and it sure seems like more than a coincident that it kind of all meshes together. I say back to the table folks.

      • There is no table to go back to. This was an economic reopener only, which the county agreed to last contract. This is not a contract negotiation. They made mid contract offer to increase wages/benefits only. We either vote yes or no. A no vote maintains the status quo until next contract; there is no reason or incentive for the county to offer more as they met their reopener mandate already. Up to the members to vote now, preferably yes.

  8. Mike you are right, we aren’t getting what we gave up, that’s for sure. . Do I think we deserved more, yes; do I think we could have gotten more? I don’t know. I’m positive on the affiliation and I think the new Sbeamsters are way better than the old SBPEA.

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