Teamsters Local 1932 hires new general manager

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

On Tuesday night at the regular meeting of the San Bernardino Public Employees Association/ Teamsters Local 1932 Board of Directors, General Manager Deidre Rodriguez stepped down.  The board voted to hire Randy Korgan as the new manager in her place.

Korgan most recently served as Teamsters Joint Council 42 Organizing Director.  He played an integral role in persuading SBPEA members to affiliate with Teamsters to create the largest local in the Teamsters organization.

Korgan served as negotiator for the Teamsters in last fall’s economic reopener.  Although the county did not have to offer employees anything, the final offer, which was approved by the membership, included a 7.17 percent pay increase over a 31-month period.

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3 thoughts on “Teamsters Local 1932 hires new general manager

  1. Ask Diedre what she did for the teamsters members affected by the December shooting. Did her office respond with; A) Well, we really didn’t have that many members affected, B) We made special Christmas ornaments for them, C) Were convening the board to come up with a plan for assistance shortly, or D) all of the above?

    Hmmm, maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing.

  2. Sharon, your comment on the SBPEA facebook website was spot on – someone who lacks even basic writing skills clearly also lacks the skills necessary to run a multimillion dollar organization. The GM needs training in business management, financial management and accounting, and other similar skills, in addition to experience with the applicable labor code, MMBA. Korgan apparently lacks any of the necessary training or experience for the job. He may be a good organizer, but that’s a totally different skill set from what’s needed to be a competent GM. Entrusting the GM job to another incompetent just shows more of the same old same old.

  3. Does Korgan have any experience as a general manager or manager of anything for that matter?

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