Some SBCo. employees misunderstand Teamster’s tentative agreement

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

The County of San Bernardino and SBPEA Teamsters Local 1932 announced a tentative agreement this past week.  The agreement is the result of an economic re-opener agreed upon during the last contract negotiations in June 2014.

Some county employees are very upset about the terms of the tentative agreement, saying that the raises are not enough.  The agreement gives county employees a minimum of 7.17 percent over a 31-month period during the 44-month contract. Long-term employees of 15 years or more will receive an additional 2 percent.  Some classifications will receive equity adjustments in addition to the across-the-board raises and longevity pay.

The tentative agreement, as currently negotiated, is worth about $130 million, meaning that is how much payroll and benefit costs will rise for the county for the total of the 44 months covered by the agreement.   For years prior to this, the county budget was balanced on the backs of employees who saw paychecks decrease, sometimes by hundreds of dollars.

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3 thoughts on “Some SBCo. employees misunderstand Teamster’s tentative agreement

  1. This contract is a joke like the rest of their empty promises. Now they say that we have to take the contract because they wont revisit a new negotiation on 2017 when this contract expires which was horrible. Just plain tired of all the lies by the union and county.

    • You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Never once has anyone said they won’t renegotiate in 2017 if we don’t take this contract. Try going to a meeting and asking your questions instead of relying on your own interpretation of the tentative agreement. If your not happy, vote no and move on but stop spreading lies.

  2. It is not a choice whether or not to participate in collective bargaining in 2017. I mean, I suppose the county could refuse to do so, but I’m sure it would have substantial legal ramifications and I am sure the union could get a court order or a PERB order.

    What this agreement means is that there won’t be bargaining in 2017 because the contract will be extended until 2019. There will be collective bargaining in 2019.

    Under an economic re-opener, the county has no obligation except to go to the bargaining table once. During regular negotiations, the county has a long list of obligations.

    so, if this TA is rejected, the county may return to the bargaining table and they may not. If Dev holds true to form, they would return once but the offer would be smaller. That is the chance you have to take by voting NO.

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