PERB complaint against SBPEA

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I received this complaint from R.C. White along with a press release.  Until there is a resolution, I don’t feel there is an Examiner story.   That resolution will not come until May of this year or later.  However, for those of you who would like to get a head start and read up on the issues, here is the complaint:  PERB Complaint

Mr. White is very confident he is going to win.  I am not so sure SBPEA representatives feel the same way.

2 thoughts on “PERB complaint against SBPEA

  1. The California Public Employee Relations Board, PERB, issued and signed the Complaint against SBPEA, based on PERB’s year-long investigation. PERB then held a hearing, in which the PERB Administrative Law Judge admitted documentary evidence and took testimony from witnesses. Next, the PERB Administrative Law Judge will issue a written decision which will most likely uphold one or more of the charges in the PERB Complaint, and impose appropriate remedies. This is not a lawsuit for damages, but rather a Public Employee Relations Board action against SBPEA for violations of the California Code/MMBA – the only “winner” will be SBPEA’s membership.

    • I hope that this PERB complaint will change the way SBPEA has conducted business in the past and will instead allow members to choose whether they want to be members or not.

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