Coming full circle

Naomi at Lake Mary

Back in August I was approached by a member of the SBPEA Board of Directors and asked if I was interested in having my suspension rescinded.  I’m going to keep this brief because I’m thinking about writing an Examiner story about this but the nutshell version is that I had been tipped off that Bob Blough was misappropriating funds.  This was early in 2006.

I decided to run and won election to the Board of Directors with more votes than any director in union history.  Bob stuffed the ballot box and my opponent had only twenty less votes.  He was a bit shocked that I pulled it out because no one had ever received that many votes.  So he came up with charges against me–he totally lied and I was able to prove they were false–but I was kicked out of the union anyway so that I could not take my seat on the Board and have access to the books.  That was November 2006.

Fast forward to 2015.  I, as you all know, was proven right last year when Blough was fired and accused of stealing about $750,000 from SBPEA.  Thus, I was asked if I would like my expulsion rescinded.  Although I am no longer a county employee, I was happy the union wanted to make things right so I accepted.

At the August meeting, the board voted unanimously to rescind my expulsion.  The got the minutes approved this month and posted yesterday.  It is now official.

Here is a copy of the news story from that time.

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