Yes, we’ve gone to the dogs!


I’m working with an advocate from Friends of the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter to feature one dog a day in an Examiner story.  She had been networking the six dogs I featured yesterday for days.  I could not pick just one so I wrote stores on all six. That is not going to be the norm, but it is what happened for one day.

One of the dogs was killed a few hours after my story posted.  The rest will likely be killed today if no one steps up for them.  It’s sad but reality in an area where people just don’t think there is anything wrong with letting their animals roam freely, unneutered and bringing unwanted animals into this world.

I have several “newsy” animal stories that I will be posting as I get them written.  One is even related to politics!

All of this being said, I do have a number of political and news stories in the works, but probably not until after I get a short Easter story done.

Anyway, I wanted to assure you that politics and news will be back on the blog soon.

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