Will you indulge me for a moment?

Johnny D

This is my very talented nephew.

For my trek-wizards who use the force to storm Mordor… This ones for you. #CauseNerd #FTW #JurassicPark #StarWars #StarTrek

Posted by Johnny Young on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This is the official video for his group The Augments Project. To quote Hank Williams Jr. “His kind of music and mine ain’t exactly the same.” But I think he is a talented musician nonetheless.

It takes just a moment for both videos to load.

One thought on “Will you indulge me for a moment?

  1. Very talented when one views the isolated guitar work and hearing the drums in the feature. Reminds me of Motorhead, a band of the late 1970’s and beyond. One of the principals recently died, so I listened to their top ten songs. I only recognized one,did not like any of the ten, and thought none would be remembered through history.

    There is a small but persistent market for technically good music played so loud it scarsely can be comprehended, the words can scarsely be understood, and the imagry is as Satanic as possible.

    Then again yesterday I was listening to The Beatles, Niel Diamond, Cat Stevens, and Simon and Garfunkel on Youtube. No Black Sabbath.

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