The stories above and below

Needles, California

I received an email last week from a former Needles councilman who is none too happy that I post David Buckley stories.  First, it is my belief that he thinks David is the only source I have out in that region.  Little does he know . . ..  Second, I suppose when he starts writing comments about slander he thinks I will flinch.  Again, little does he know.

David has the right to his opinion and I have the right to publish it.  It is part of the First Amendment in case anyone does not understand that.

More importantly, it does not matter the story I write, someone complains that it is biased and untrue.  I see the word “slander” with almost every story.

Over the years I have learned not to bother with those people because, more often than not, they are just bullies who think if they use the words “slander,” “lawsuit,” or “defamation,” I will get all scaredy cat and take down my post.  Oh yeah, little do they know!

It is hard to take their legal threats seriously when they do not even know the difference between slander and libel.  It is even harder to take them seriously when I ask them specifically what is untrue.  I ask them to point out one fact in the story they have proof of being untrue.  The response is usually something along the lines of “you’re ugly,” “you’re fat,” “you’re a disgruntled ex employee,” “get off of welfare,” “you’re just an unhappy person,” yada, yada, yada.  In other words, when I ask for facts, I get personal attacks.

If they had facts to back up their statements, they would provide them.  They don’t.  They just think they can bully their way into getting what they want.  Little do they know . . ..

That brings me to the story above this one and the one below this one.  I was contacted by Mr. Hubler with a lot of information.  I asked if I could reprint two of his emails and he let me do it.

You can say what you want about David but I think some of what Mr. Hubler says backs up what David has been claiming.   From what I gather, they do not know each other.

So . . . perhaps it is not all “slander.”  Maybe where there is smoke, there is in fact, fire.

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  1. If you want to fact check your stories about Needles I’m available, you may not believe my opinion and observations that’s your privilege. And because I was a public figure I can not be Slandered under the State of California’s laws, but private citizens can make that charge and prevail. The trouble with journalism is the failure to fact check and pass on hearsay and innuendo. I

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