Some more political incorrectness from me

Keep Christ in Christmas

The dumb comment a couple days ago on my Jeb Bush story set me off.  I get highly irritated with people who can’t read and people who look for something to be offended about under every rock.

The story was just that—a news story about a major political candidate.  I write lots of stories about political candidates.  It doesn’t mean I endorse them.  It means I think something they are doing is newsworthy.

If you don’t want to read about it, don’t.  Stay ignorant.  Not learning about what is going on in the world is half our problem.

And on another note, if you don’t believe in my God, that is fine.  Show me the respect of allowing me to have my opinion and I will show you the respect of allowing you to worship the god of your choice or no god at all without my criticism.  The world would be a much better place if we learned to be respectful of one another and live and let live.

I’m going to post four items that I posted to my Facebook wall.  Two were from local politicians, Sheriff John McMahon and Supervisor Josie Gonzales.  None of them are politically correct these days but I don’t care about political correctness.

From Supervisor Josie Gonzales:

To ALL San Bernardino County employees :
You’re safety is my immediate and utmost priority. You are the workforce…the man power, by which this county will continue to persevere and provide the much needed services to its people.
Please know … that my every moment and every thought is vested in ensuring your workplace safety. That I am working hard and preparing for your return.
You are not absent in my heart!
Your safety is of utmost importance and to that end I am committed.
However….remember we must also take care of our dead….
…our dead must be mourned and they must be buried.
We will do this together, with the respect and dignity, that they and their families deserve.
Know that every one of you is important.
Stay strong! Stay steady!
Years from now you all will look back and know that you led the fight against TERRORISM in San Bernardino County.
That your bright leadership endured and ensured the recovery and success of our precious county and its people.
SUCCESS is always the best REVENGE!
We will make their families proud through perseverance.
For by God’s Grace
We are strong…
We are committed…
And we are NOT DEFEATED!
We will NEVER
succumb to TERRORISM…
And we will not complain…
For our BLESSINGS are many
and we know that
And that in-spite of all this tragedy…we are ALIVE and have much to be grateful for.
You all, as San Bernardino County employees, are the reason I keep going. You are my light, my strength and my REASON FOR BEING!!
We now have a NEW purpose,
We have a NEW commitment,
We have NEW responsibilities.
Know that the future of our county depends on us!
And I for one do not intend to be absent from my job!
I will present myself on Monday.
I will be ready and
I will give it my ALL!
I will continue to work as I have worked, everyday, up to now…
And I will need your support…
I will need your valor….
that United we may embrace our future TOGETHER!
In God’s holy name, I pray.

From Sheriff John McMahon:

McMahon Tweet

I, for one, am glad we have a godly man as our sheriff. And I’m glad we have at least one member of the Board of Supervisors who also believes in God. I may not agree with everything either one of does, but I can respect the fact that they are not afraid to express their faith in these trying times.

From me:  Merry Christmas from me to you

Merry Christmas

Keep Christ in Christmas

And finally, when you run out of patience and feel like being a butthead to someone, think of this video:

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  1. Good for Josie and McMahon. I am particularly leaning toward liking Josie of late despite the things I have read on the blogs.

    I must say that I have hated this term, “thoughts and prayers” since I first heard it. As i the “imaginary” thoughs of John Lennon were equal to the prayers of the phrophets.

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