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In case you’ve missed him, I have sent Kenny Holtz to spam.  I could not take one more moment of his insulting, incorrect, poorly reasoned commentary on every subject he self-appointed himself as an expert on from Colonies to SBPEA to SBSD to AVGC.

I happily handed over the torch of “cop-hater blog” to Erwin long ago.  I am not going down that road again without proof that corruption is going on.

I don’t know about everyone else who reads this blog or who works for SBSD, but I find it appalling that certain people on the other blog would side with a cold-blooded killer (bunker murders) simply because they have hatred for a sheriff most of them never met and who did not do a thing to most of them. It is absolutely shameful.

I am not suggesting that all of the inmate claims are without merit.  Some have plenty to grieve.  But to take every crooks’ word over sworn law enforcement shows mental imbalance if you ask me.  Crooks are in trouble because they are not honest.  Their claims must be looked at as suspect.

I understand some former employees have hard feelings, such as Only a Nurse and Travis Bauer, and those feelings may be totally justified.  Certainly there is evidence that points in that direction.  But the vitriol against their former “brothers of the badge” by the others for nothing that they did to them personally makes me wonder how many over there were fit to wear the badge to begin with.

As I wrote above, it is not just SBSD.  The Colonies rhetoric, threats, intimidation, etc., is getting very old.  As pointed out in the article below, we were promised a barn burner with the Daily Journal article that was going to show us all that the courtroom clerk missed in her minute order and why I was wrong in saying the continuance was to accommodate the defense, not the prosecution.  Instead we got a nicely written article that told us nothing new and only confirmed what was written here by me to begin with.

Then there was Kenny’s attack on Paula Ready when she posted a comment.  Kenny, were you ever a member of SBPEA?  Are you an expert on that subject?  Only in your mind.  Did you ever attend a SBPEA meeting or BOD meeting?  Have you ever attended any union meeting?  You have no clue what you are talking about.  As someone, who like Paula, has years invested in that union, who fought the fight face-to-face with Lamberto and his little demons, who took on the BOS, I find you to be nothing but an uniformed bully with no credibility.

Finally, there is the issue of the AVGC.  Please explain to me why the board of directors is corrupt just because they didn’t want a crazy woman with a gun as a member.  Seems to me they needed to protect their members and there is nothing corrupt about that.

So, if you want to read his ramblings, read his crack(ed) political commentary or legal interpretation or that of a couple of his supporters who also tried to post, they have gone straight to spam.  Check out the other blog.  You can get your fill over there.

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  1. I thought it was gracious of you to let him post again. It went along with what I have always felt was the tone you have tried to set for this blog, a place for rational debate and truths that don’t get told elsewhere. Then his tone became insulting toward you and I didn’t think that was necessary, and actually counter productive if the goal is to shine the light on county corruption. You don’t host this blog to be directly insulted, and it is your blog. I don’t think anyone blames you. It’s a shame though.

    As for the SBCSD, I think there has been enough out there to prove corruption in the past. And McMahon rose to power within that context so he deserves the scrutiny. But the scrutiny needs to be rational. People have risen to power amidst corruption and gone on to change it when they assumed control. One can’t deny that could happen here. I have read enough to trust the justification of the above two grievances, but they did begin before he was appointed Sheriff, so maybe he learned and can change the tone of the department. Time will tell. I don’t think it is “cop hating” to discuss it though. I actually think if done correctly it is good for those cops that are working hard and doing the right thing, they deserve to work in a respectable department, and anyone not behaving needs to be outed.

    • There is plenty of corruption in the department. There generally is in any department that size. Is McMahon contributing to it or cleaning it up? Time will tell. None of us know what is really going on behind the scenes.

      I have several issues. First, Kenny being a mouthpiece for Erwin in the Colonies matter. This is an issue of bullying and intimidation. I know how Erwin operates.

      Second, so much of the most stupid comments are coming from Schrader. I’m sick of those attacks that are based on jealousy and nothing more.

      And finally, debating issues is a good thing. But his judgment is clouded by his hatred. The bunker murders are a really big deal in this area. Logically speaking there is no way what that punk claims happened to him without burn scars and more. Like the Del Taco incident, there is not much credibility. Taking the side of a cold blooded murderer just because you hate someone says to me there are serious mental health issues.

  2. Kenny has anger issues bottom line. He criticizes every one because that is how he regulates his self worth. I made my one comment and stopped. I felt no need to explain myself or defend anything to him. I almost commented that I did get the privilege of firing he who shall not be named. Very glad he is in spam land. 👍👍

  3. Life is way too short to hold grudges and harbor “hard feelings.” And I am very happy and content as to where I am in my life right now so I guess things happen for a reason.

    I was extremely disappointed, angry and sad when I was going through Hell and all because I was doing the right thing. I could have easily stayed in this anger phase….and I did, for a while; justly so.

    But after awhile I realized that holding onto my anger was just destroying me from the inside out. And I chose to find the “good” in what happened. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people, in and out of the Department, who stood by and defended me. Many were quick to show that they had…..and would always have my back; often times being louder than me when pointing out the BS I had to endure.

    Mistakes were made…..apologies were accepted……and I have moved on in my life. I have seen changes…….good changes……after winning my fight. But most of all, I am very happy as to where I am in this stage of my life! There is no better feeling then getting up every morning and feeling pride in the image that I see in the mirror. Hanging onto the anger and disappointment would mean that “they” (the truly evil ones) won and I could not, can not and will not, let that happen! LIFE IS WAY TOO SHORT!

    • And to a degree we need to let Karma do her job. Look at Andrew Lamberto. He played a large role in all of our issues whether personally or by creating policies that allowed the deceit and unethical practices. None of us made him solicit an undercover police office for the purpose of prostitution. He did that all on his own because it was the true nature of his heart. Karma took care of the rest.

      • You were right to do as you have. You can only tolerate so much in the interest of free speech. Just FYI, there is an alleged Vote of No Confidence to take place soon against the Fontana Police Chief. He has allegedly been harassing and terminating ANYONE that does not agree with him on any issue.

    • Onlyanurse, it was great to read that you are happy in your life and where you are. You should feel pride when you look in the mirror, I loved reading that. You fought the good fight and created something good for yourself in the end. And, reading this helps me believe that things can work out. I wish you the best.

  4. Kenny has serious mental illness. Symptoms of his mental illness are displayed in his de facto incoherent posts. I know for an absolute fact that he is a liar. I stand ready to prove that he is. But then again, lies are symptoms of his mental illness.

    Kenny’s callous disregard for human life, his spurious rationale for his using deadly force, his threats against other deputies (when he was an SBSD employee), his delusional belief that deputies are out to murder him, his alleged pointing a rifle at kids on dirt bikes, his many threats have caused me to use extreme caution with him. I would not want to be in the same room as him.

    Travis Bauer’s employment record as evidenced within sworn declarations filed under penalty of perjury support his firing. Refusing to back-up other deputies is cowardice. He should have been fired for that alone. There is a reason why Travis is Kenny’s road dog. They feed off of each other. Neither is bright enough to know that they’re manipulated by those with ulterior motives.

    Schrader is wholly insignificant. Wasting bandwidth on him would implicate a criminal waste of space.

    It is undeniable that SBSD suffers serious problems that might be beyond the sheriff’s ability to eliminate. There is a small percentage of exemplary SBSD deputies. They are the exception. However, it is an assuredly accurate general statement to write that disgruntled SBSD deputies have caused their predicaments. Worse, they have caused and are causing the majority of SBSD’s problems. Most SBSD deputies lack marketable skills sufficient to lateral to other agencies. Their poor attitudes prevent them from promotion. The bottom line is that but for SBSD, most SBSD deputies would not be in law enforcement. There is a reason why SBSD is poorly regarded among law enforcement agencies. I would not be surprised to learn that SBSD becomes a problem child of US DOJ.

    The sheriff might not have available tools necessary to ameliorate problems caused by incompetent and derelict deputies. Such deputies ought not have been hired, for predominately they cause nearly all of SBSD’s problems. While the sheriff is always responsible for his agency, he cannot be held responsible for those who commit criminal acts while standing in his stead.

    If top tier law enforcement candidates go to agencies other than SBSD, those that cannot go are left with SBSD as their only option, and its only option is to hire them. However, were the sheriff able to offer pay and benefits that exceed those of other agencies, he might be able to hire the best as opposed to what’s left.

    Discussing SBSD’s problems in a rational manner is legitimate. Spurious allegations motivated by disgruntled current and former employees reveal the character of those posters. The fact that SBSD could very easily come under direct US DOJ supervision justifies it as subject of Socratic debate.

    • You disgust me. You are wrong. Problems come from the top down. Your commentary actually proves Holtz right. The buck stops at the top because that is where the power is and they are the one responsible. They certainly get paid enough… There are a lot of good honest people in the rank and file. You were obviously never one of them.

  5. I think he is not only illiterate, but bi-polar.

    For someone who claims to be “top tier”, you aren’t the brightest crayon in the box. You are the living breathing definition of Insanity. Your a walking cliche, just like “The definition of insanity” you are and repeat the same tired material cliché. The difference between a never was like you, and someone like me is simple, I don’t hide behind a keyboard and a screen name. I don’t go around asking to have my name removed from Open Access websites for fear of discovery. You really are a pathetic POS. I would gladly put my annual evaluations from ALL FOUR agencies that I have and CONTINUE to work for against yours any day of he week, except I really could care less what you think. You see as a NOBODY who isn’t even man enough to say who they are, your irrelevant.

    To show how INSANE you are, I am going to simply end with conversations others have had with you during your prior bipolar episodes. You need help guy. People have been sick of your b.s. for years. You need a hobby.

    Prepared and Maintained by the Administrative Office of the Courts
    From Prefiling Orders Received from California Courts
    (Orders prohibiting future filings entered through March 2, 2012)

    SCALISI Thomas San Benardino Superior Court VFLVS035658 07/14/11


    cc “R”
    I’m still trying to figure out why anyone gives him the time of day by engaging with someone who does nothing but nay say. It doesn’t take a Genius to point out every negative aspect of something from the outside, behind the shield of Anonymity. Until he offers up where he worked and when he worked there he’s a coward. It shows 0 ability to sit behind a computer, which clearly he spends way too much time doing, looking up a topic, researching it, posting it, and acting as if he is the sharpest individual around. His postings prove nothing other than he figured out how to use Google Search ok “R”. I gave him the time of day early on, but when asked, he failed to man up. So until he, “R”, mans up, he’s nothing more than a pot stirring individual with a knack for getting under others skin. Why sum get so pissed is beyond me, he’s a nobody with a screen name. If he paid the same respect to those who pay it to him, he would have offered it up. He’s entertaining, but hardly worth taking seriously.
    “R” your message is of no value. It’s worth spit because you have no character. At this point it’s obvious your part of the problem, same type of individuals SBSO is plagued with. Your just another spineless individual who hangs out in corners, locker rooms, behind buildings, and points out how fucked up he, she, it, they, them are, but offers NOTHING positive or constructive. Why? Because YOU can’t take the heat. You know that your past would be put on blast because bud, you are not perfect, your agency wasn’t perfect, and not every officer or command staff you had working there was perfect. But you knew that. The only way things will ever change is from the top down. The little people can only do so much, and those with stones to stand up to them, they are quickly disposed of for baseless bullshit. So if you want to impress, do it at headquarters where all you clowns stroke your egos because at this point that’s where you belong.
    I’d like to believe you, but without that basic info, your opinion isn’t even worth the time I just used up. Good day and be safe!!!!
    P.S. Don’t bother replying unless it contains the info. Otherwise your just venting.

    Yawn……………… Dodgeball must be yout favorite playtime activity…… You should run for office, you would do well. You spent more energy ducking the question than had youjust answered. You a Democrate or just hooked on Phonics? Perhaps thats the reason your lacking the ability to read and compre.hend. Help y.ourself with the scissors and glue and cut and paste the answer to the question. You dont impress nor intimidate me, in fact you do the exact opposite with tha weak attempt tat saving face.


    Are you tellin’ me you ain’t gunna do an 87?
    If you want info about me, I giving you opportunity.

    Your last reply is my favorite. Based on the typos and poor word usage it shows that you aren’t perfect and when you don’t have the time to spell check your work, nor break out the Thesaurus, you make the same small irrelevant mistakes we all do. Nice to see the TRUE you, not the I’m better than you image you work so hard at.

    Anonymous on August 16, 2011 at 4:27 AM said:
    If in fact Raisuli has half the brains he portrays himself to have, then it’s safe to say that as a “Law” Enforcement officer, Law being emphasized, there is no greater insult to an officer than to be compared to that of the CHP. So tho his negative opinion of SBSO maybe factual, his statement that he would rather have the CHP respond over that of an SBSO is meant to strike a chord. If it isn’t, perhaps he should step away from the “I’m so bitching” mirror and go on up to the academy in Sac and see the mere 6 weeks of Penal Law the CHP teach, while the remaining 20 weeks are traffic related. Ask any CHP officer if they have any comfortable daily working knowledge of the Penal code, enough to go 10-8 in a city and they will say NO. Why would they. Equally, ask a Deputy if he/she has enough to go handle traffic all day and they will say NO. The emphasis being the title. Deputy/CHP. The title is synonymous with their PRIMARY responsibilities. They are a few CHP who work area’s where they have to handle calls for service, which are an exception, and there are Deputies such as myself that are Laterals and have advanced traffic investigations under their belt and worked a city PD and handled their own TC’s, along with some deputies who like traffic and excelled in it. Again, these are the exception.
    So Raisuli, your obvious disdain for SBSO is obvious, I too have some SERIOUS issues with this agency, which unlike you, I have a truly vested interest in seeing it change. ACU, myself, and others posting on here have been even victimized by the corruptness of this agency, but you don’t see either of us using a wide brush to paint the entire department as POS as do you. I appreciate your idea’s, thought’s, criticisms, but you are not in any way shape or form a leader yourself. You do not offer constructive criticism. You take every opportunity to chastise and belittle this agency and by doing so you show how inept you are. If your “so bitching” agency was on blast on a blog and it’s officers were as open as we are, I assure you they would have it’s own unique issues. So get off your “high” horse.
    Even tho I agree with the substance of most of what you have to say, your immature and petty rants which include personal attacks are a direct reflection of you. It’s obvious your bitter. Something happened to you at your agency. Likely you were a low level supervisor, one who felt he was much smarter than those above him. You got past over once or twice. Probably a mid to smaller size agency where being past over means several more years in line. So you got pissed, had the time in, and retired. I’d bet you had a good, clean career. Your jacket was clean, basically a hard working cop, who took a lot of pride in his work, was dedicated to his profession, kept up on his legal updates, CNOA, LELR, etc. But felt cheated at the end. Congrats!!!!! You still survived and put in his time to this great profession. I’d appreciate it if you would use that experience, rather than your obvious bitterness towards your agency doing you wrong at the end of your career and point it in a different direction unless you can offer something constructive. Because SBSO is NOT going anywhere and the CHP are NOT coming in, pleassseeee…..
    No doubt your smarter than the average bear, why don’t you show it by using those smarts in a constructive forum, offer some sound advice for change, show some true professionalism instead of the belittling rhetoric which does nothing but make you look like a petty complainer and it diminishes your message. Perhaps some self reflection time for ya here. Perhaps the way in which you deliver your message here was the root cause of your being passed over at your agency. Remember, it’s not the message, it’s the delivery. So far you fail at delivery. Food for Thought…..
    Stay Safe!!!!

    1. Anonymous on August 16, 2011 at 10:10 PM said:
    I already told you, I don’t need the heartburn. I already have enough of it and don’t assume, as you infer I am, that I am not doing something about this department. IF you ever have coffee or speak to ACU he can fill you in. Problem is those who speak up get ran out….. And again, you are using those “lops” or as we in LA called them “slap dicks” that you have come in contact with, or your friends etc etc, which total what 50 deputies, 50, thats way over I am sure, but 50 non the less as examples of the whole department. Do you have any idea how many deputies we have? So your gonna say the 50 represent the whole? That’s plain ignorant. I will give you that large agencies are less trained compared to that of small ones. I know that for a fact. But it’s do to cost. I have worked at an agency as small as 50 and as big as 5000. Which agency do you think I got the most training? You think it was because we were soooooooo bitching? Try comparing the cost of training 50 vs 5000. Do the math. The other shit I already told you was a joke, that if they did not know those things it was ridiculous. But I will not agree that its the norm vs. exception. The command staff is a totally different story. As far as citing things, I don’t need too, if your honest you know I am right about cheap shots and the like. Like I said I appreciate your input, I just asked that you keep it constructive.
    Stay Safe!!
    Anonymous on June 22, 2011 at 2:12 AM said:
    I am beginning to take exception to your continued personnel attacks against specific members of this agency who you honestly know nothing about. I was in agreement with you and your contention that to have deputies in the field who in your experience did not know critical policies, and actually I took it further and said that not only did the deputy fail, the department failed that deputy. But seriously, your sounding more like someone who feels deeply they know more than most, but was not promoted, and take every opportunity to show off your vast knowledge by trying to demean others. I don’t see that as any type of leadership quality whatsoever. In fact, I find it in poor choice. For sake of argument, your dick is bigger than mine. Ok. So now that we got that out of the way, would you do me a favor and explain to me why you, a person who feels they are above this agency, has taken such and exception to it. I’m curious because for someone who has no interest in whether or not this agency gets flushed, you have more hate and contempt than I for it, and I work here. I do so by choice and circumstances, not those reasons for which you imply, but because I was tired of working in LA County. Fassari is not a retread, has been, shopping for any agency that will hire him individual. As a matter of fact. He’s a lot like ACU in the sense that he believes in his convictions and stands by them, even if they aren’t popular. Besides perhaps their views on subjects, their Delivery is the only obvious distinction.
    I will give you the benefit of the doubt, for now, that your as seasoned, productive, well informed, and effective officer of the law, which you should be doing as well, until led to believe otherwise. Let me offer you this food for thought. If what I said were true, than you should agree, as will a majority of those who read this, that he who talks the most about what he’s done and is how to prove just how much better he is than everybody else, is usually full of shit and is dismissed as such. I will admit that I was a curious fan of yours at first, but I gotta tell ya that as of lately your banter and personal attacks are not qualities I find curious. In fact, if you were at a location talking shop with the rest of the shift, and you were displaying the same attributes, I wouldn’t stop.
    That’s just an observation and an an attempt to offer constructive criticism. Again I am in no way shape or form attempting to defend the Agency or any POS deputies that you are aware of, I just won’t be silent when you target anyone that I specifically know not to be a POS because that’s how I roll, and that’s how shit get’s handled. Copy Copy?
    Now let’s get you back on topic,.

    • Wow; I thought Little Stevie Wonder’s comments were rambling and unintelligible!

      If anybody started reading the above comment and actually finished it, please post a one or two sentence synopsis explaining what it says.


  6. If you actually read the first couple lines, it states what it is clearly. They are his “he who changes his name constantly as if to throw people off” prior Ramblings showing for the past 4 years all that guy has to say is the same exact thing. Prior posts and others responding to his broken record, nothing more

  7. Anonymous:

    Thank you for the overview.

    I actually read the first two paragraphs, the second of which ended as follows: “You see as a NOBODY who isn’t even man enough to say who they are, your irrelevant.” .

    I had flashbacks of comments by Red Anon and Repairman, which often exhibited similarly critical value judgements, and equally poor grammar.

    I then noticed the length of the comment, and stopped reading altogether.

    • That’s EXACTLY as it should be.

      Sad thing is, he actually believes people read his regurgitated vermin all the way through

  8. To stray from the subject partially, I just remembered who is rumored as to being groomed as the next sheriff. It is Dick Dicus’ son. Cusimano is supposedly on McMahon’s s-list and rightfully so. He may be retiring. We shall see. We shall also see who gets the next assistant sheriff promotion.

    • McMahon is retiring soon? Or Cusimano? Isn’t it too soon for McMahon to retire?

      • I believe Cusimano’s wife is retiring soon and they have decided to get the heck out of Dodge. My understanding is that Cusimano has become too much of a liability for McMahon (and the FBI probe might be getting too close to home). Generally, the sheriff picks his replacement, makes him undersheriff and then the sheriff retires before his term is up so that the BOS can appoint the undersheriff as sheriff. That gives the undersheriff a huge advantage during the election.

        • Ok, I get it, I was lost. I figured McMahon would at least serve a full term after Hoops couldn’t. I was surprised he would retire soon since he was elected recently for the first time. I would have expected him to get well into his second elected term. So, it is Cusimano that is retiring… I am not sure why you say he would be Sheriff “rightfully so”, since rumor has it he can’t keep it in his pants, and you value McMahon for that, which is respectable. The next round of promotions after retirement will tell a lot. I don’t follow the Sheriff’s Dept. anymore, but I know the drill and since I read your blog I follow along enough.

  9. I don’t think it will be Cusimano. But if Trump can be the rep nominee I guess anything is possible.

  10. Won’t be hard to figure out. Looks like a vacancy in the position of Assistant Sheriff coming shortly. Ron Cochran retiring Jan 23 2016. How will be the next in line?

  11. “Who” will be the next in line. Don’t you love predictive word selection by computers.

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