School district to use Prop. 39 funds to become energy efficient

William S. Hart Union High School District

The William S. Hart Union High School District in Santa Clarita, Calif. is the latest local school district to use California state Proposition 39 funds to pay for energy efficiency and clean energy projects. The district contracted with Alliance Building Solutions, Inc., a California corporation (ABS), to audit the district’s energy systems to determine if it would be feasible to upgrade outdated energy management systems.

For the Hart School District, the audit indicated that by upgrading HVAC, retrofitting existing interior and exterior lighting, installing new cool roofing, adding battery storage, and upgrading energy management systems, it would save $12.8 million over the life of the project. The district will use $4.6 million in Proposition 39 funds to pay for the $9.6 million energy efficiency project.

“When completed, Alliance Building Solutions, Inc., guarantees the district will generate enough savings to the district’s existing energy costs to not only pay for the financing of the project, but save the district an additional $3.3 million in the first five years or $660,000 annually, guaranteed by ABS through a performance bond,” says Brad Chapman, Vice President of ABS. “We are excited to work with Hart School District as they continue to be a leader in energy conservation and become a ‘green’ school.”

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