Success! Boozer gives notice – Updated

We are told that Fontana UnIfied School District Superintendent Leslie Boozer has given notice.  We are trying to conform details but preliminary reports indicate she is heading for a district up north.   Let’s hope it is an affluent district where her actions won’t be so detrimental.

I am without regular Internet access so there may or may not be updates.

Update:  The story above is accurate and includes the message from the board president.  Boozer had only given notice she is a finalist but sources seem to think she has the job.  Let’s hope so.

20 thoughts on “Success! Boozer gives notice – Updated

  1. For the sake of our students, we have to get on our knees and pray it is true. Next thing we have to do is make sure that Chavez & Corona are voted out of office and replaced by people who actually know how to read a budget and understand that LCAP is for the students so that they can have the support they need to be really prepared for the future. Also others who are at top need to go right behind Boozer. All you have to do is check their salary and what they do not do!

  2. Representatives from the new district are supposed to be on town tomorrow to check her references and make sure everything is Kosher.

      • She was the only candidate who applied. Small district ADA, last superintendent was there for 10 years and was successful. I feel sorry for them.

        • Yes!!! Feel sorry for us!! I’ve been reading about her all the way back to her Chicago days!! Please help us get her ousted before she can reek havoc on our District!!! Any information or anyone you know that has pertinent info & proof please have them contact me I need help!

        • You are mistaken she wasn’t the only candidate. We are small in comparison to Fontana but we have a lot of growth & growing
          too fast = growing pains!

    • Who cares about her cre dentists… From what I’ve read Boozer’s background leaves a trail of corruption!!!

  3. What I find hilarious is the letter sent by the FUSD president stating she’s newly engaged, and Boozer is such a pioneer instructional leader. Where was her instruction or transfirmation? She didn’t instruct anything except put inexperience people in charge and they made a mess of the district. Nothing is new!!! That letter made it seem like Fontana did nothing! Fontana has done great things through the years before Boozer. That letter is a slap in all Fontana veterans who work for the district. The board president should research all the things Fontana has done and overcome through the years. She isn’t a true Fontana person. Another one who comes to live here and has no clue about Fontana. It’s time for her to leave too!!! Fontana needs to rise up and take back this city which was once great!! Find faith and believe a new superintendent will hopefully get us back on track. No more outsiders!!!

  4. Your soo true, Fontana needs to wake up and put “community” back into our communities. Boozer is a fake, Ive said that since 2013. Everyone is all in awe of her Resume. Hello people its all BS, she never taught. She interned for long Beach District. Chavez and Corona are weak and dont even know what they are doing, their oblivious to reality. Boozer used our kids education funds to continue to fund her Resume, by continually traveling. Boozers leaving before she gets criminally charged. Just like when she left chicago. The “urban ” superintendent program is a program that has ulterior motives. Boozer directs everyone else to talk for her, to not incriminate herself. You think Boozers leaving by choice. Hell no, Ive been working on this since 2013. I have so much proof, I have forwarded onto many officials, agencies and etc. So it was only a matter of time. Why do you think her people are leaving also? Guilty!! Im actually suprised Boozer gave in so early. All of you who loved Boozer, you guys are fools and thats why she played you. Boozer thought Fontana was too stupid to catch on or stop her. Wake up Fontana. Fontana was once a good place who knew and cared about eachother and cared about our sucesses. Chavez and Corona need to go. They are easily brainwashed, and clueless. They happily allowed Boozer to rob our kids of their education. Boozer played them like a drum. We need a homegrown superintendent!!! Make Fontana successful again. Get rid of all the peopl who ignored, allowed or defended Boozer. SB county superintendent Ted A, mayor Warren, Cheryl Browns office, Gov. Brown, Wong, and more. Anyone who didnt help the kids needs to go.

  5. More details please.. I am a DUSD parent and have a bad feeling about all this??

    • Read all the articles about Boozer and her spending, but you should be ok now, because supposedly she has met someone up there and getting married, (even though many are saying she doesn’t like men) so maybe won’t be spending money to travel as much. But whatever she puts in place and changes, check out to see if she did it in Fontana or Chicago. I would ask lots of questions and check in with fontanakidsfirst. She has more info. for you!! I also would ask the question of why she would be leaving a huge district for a smaller one, it makes no sense. Also she had a 4 year contract and basically ended it 3 years early. Why is that?

      • Boozer is leaving because shes a fraud. Boozer was only candidate because leadership associates is an associate of Boozer, Peggy Lynch. They move their people to other places before they get caught. Boozer belongs to a group who privitize schools. Boozer’s boss in Chicago, Barbra Byrd Bennett was indicted in 10/2013. Also we ended up with Boozer same way, only candidate, perfect resume. Its all bs, yes she went to some school. Boozer has never actually taught, she interned durring “urban” superintendent program. Same with the book “she” wrote, it was a colaboration of the students as the final for the program. Boozer did nothing but give herself a raise every few months. Started $225,000 then $234,000 then $255,000 to $268,000 only being her 3 years, her contract was extended untill 2019. So why she leaving, because we have $408 million and our schools have no paper. Boozer is only at a school for a photo op, because all Boozer has done is travel, our education dollars pay for her to eat,drink, and continually travel. At least 1x a month, sometimes more.Traveling to scout out other districts. She will change Board policies to protect her. The Board needs to remeber they are her boss not vice versa. Boozer continually lied and borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from a foundation, by lying and saying needs money for AP test fees, completly untrue. Boozer will ruin your schools and district. If she was only moving becausd engaged, why did her people she brought in resign? At first Boozer extended her contract, intending for us to buy her out of her contract, but with all the information I have, she chose to run/ I mean resign. Her sister Andrea moves with her and will join your local foundation. Boozer does not believe in smaller class sizes, she believes in longer days though. I have so much proof, ket me know I will help, because all she did was rob our children of their education funds.Boozer is a fraud, she should not be anywhere in education. Boozer thinks by running, shell be ok. But nope, I will not just forget because she left. Be careful and watch every thing she does, believe nothing she says. The college sucess she has with students, I believe was done for kick backs. I CAN GO ON AND ON!! Be careful. Contact me, I will be glad to help.

    • Karen, I am a DUSD parent too ! I am not happy with the placement of Boozer. We need to do something before she wreaks havoc in DUSD ! This is just what we do t need ! :(( I’m shocked at the stupidity of our board members!

      • I just read an article last week about how DUSDBoard was aware of the negative about Boozer, but she answered the question to their approval. Which was apparently blaming most of it on our Mayor. Funny the problem that I had with our mayor is that she wouldnt step in and do something about what was happening at school district. I have emails that say just that. The mayor said it was in the Board than the states hands. Why would Boozer say she’s Engaged then, why not say she was unhappy thats why she was leaving. We have alot against her, thats why she left. They use the fact that no matter what proof you have, it doesn’t mean nothing without a lawyer to enforce it. Basically because unles you can prove exactly what dollar went to which item, by exact dollar then the state cant do anything. Because how do i know it was thier dollar vs other dollar. And they know these almost untouchable. Like a Mafia. They know what they are doing. Our schools has less now then when funding started, we are worse then when budget cuts happened. After 2 years I had enough hard evidence that items in LCAP were completely untrue its now catching up with district. So all the sudden they are providing some things we were supposed to have 2 years ago. The only time Boozer went on campus was for a photo op. Because the school acomplished something great, no help of Boozers. She claims a higher college graduation A-G etc, sorry but our highschools were already doing great things before Boozer came. Boozer did nothing, seriously. She traveled continuously, she was never at district maybe 1 or 2 times a month, for Board meetings. She changed board policies to protect her. Our budgets dont match, school plans dont match. But all that couldnt of happened if it wasnt for 3-2 Board approval. Watch our Board meetings on line @ .

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