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I’ve been trying to get some stories out, but one thing or another gets in the way.  Here is a tip I received today:

The Word is that there are budget discrepancies with fontana unified school district. Accounting isnt aligning with the budget. Board members are upset and questioning! There doesn’t seem to be any accountability with money and spending. Can u dig more into this. Veteran principals leaving during middle of year. Many experience people who are great leaders have left fontana. And more are continue to leave. Ton of new positions for district. Revamping again this next year. When superintendent just got done changing everything last year. All brand new outsiders who have a Doctorate with no experience in true education teaching and coaching are all micromanagers. These people are making hundred of thousands with lack of experience in teaching. Why so many new faces from outside the district. All Fontana experience dedicated teachers who are highly qualified and knowledge of Fontana are being overlooked. They don’t want anyone else to see the crap and lack of experience they have and how lack leadership skills.

This issue is not dead.  I’m working on it.  I promise.

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  1. Its very upsetting because 408 million but no money for paper. Its time to take back our kids education. We have 2 problems, 1 with bassett, duanes and rivera. Which were stealibg before Boozer, now Boozer and her own protege ciedel. Boozers boss just was indicted for very simmilar actions. Time to get rid of this cancer.

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