More on Fontana Unified School District

Dr. Leslie Boozer

Since writing the story two days ago, I received several comments reminding me that Fontana Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Leslie Boozer comes from Chicago.  We all know that San Bernardino County is often compared to Chicago in terms of corruption.  There point is basically, “So what do you expect?”  Yes, I know.  But, this is a school district and I really do think those who work in such an environment should be putting the needs of the children first.  Yeah, unicorns are real too.

I did not discover until yesterday that a board member who supports Dr. Boozler sent me a tweet on September 17 with a copy of the letter sent by the four assistant superintendents.  I apologize but I could only do this a screen print so quality is lacking.  You will need to click on it to enlarge it.


FUSD Letter

Here are some tips i received yesterday. I will be following up on them but if anyone has anything additional or can explain some of this to me, that would be great.

  • Look into the Superintendent’s salary increase including compensation.  Compare to previous years.
  • Look into the huge increase in upper management positions (chiefs, assistant chiefs, directors, coordinators, etc.).   Tons of money being spent on new upper management positions.  Compare 6 years ago to now.  So many new positions that they had to move them to a new building.  Of course, that costs money as well.  New desks, chairs, secretaries, etc.
  • Look at the LCAP (posted on the website).  Dig deeper into what the expenditures are.  Ex.  Linked Learning.  Over $1 million spent on it.  Huge administrative costs for ONE program.  Is the LCAP student focused?  No.  It is district level focused.  The BOE says that it is what the teachers and parents wanted.  It is NOT.  It has all been manipulated.
  • Ask for school site budgets from 2010 to now.  Site budgets have been cut up to 70% since Super was hired. Site monies go to site positions, basic supplies, etc.  We are limited on paper, tissues, pencils,printer ink, crayons, etc.  With LCFF sites should have MORE money but we have less.  Why is that?  Do an analysis of where the money is spent.
  • LCFF was meant to help with class size reduction.  Super insists that class size reduction doesn’t work.  Refuses to look at reducing class sizes.
  • School site positions were cut during the fiscal crisis.  Now that we have money, those positions have not been reinstated.  Yet the district has money for high priced chiefs.  Sites need tutors, Outreach Consultants, etc.
  • Ask for all documentation for all upper management salaries including compensation. Ask for documentation on consultant contracts
  • Ask for expense account documentation.  Compare documentation with Board policy for violations (economy air, alcohol, etc.).
  • Many people are afraid to speak up but we want what is best for our students.  We feel that the district money is being used far away from the school sites.  Something needs to be done.