Lack of experienced leadership leading to public safety issues in Fontana


When the Fontana Unified School District (FUSD) Board of Eduction hired a new superintendent in Nov. 2013, they hired someone with no superintendent experience.  Dr. Leslie Boozer was brought on board after having worked short stints as a teacher in Los Angeles and a chief of schools in Chicago, Ill.

Boozer’s lack of experience was so significant that the district paid for a mentor for her first two years to help Boozer learn how to be a superintendent.  Originally the contract required a current or former California superintendent be hired as her mentor but she was able to convince the board to allow her to hire an old friend from back east.

That contract expired last November and critics say little was accomplished during those two years.  As a matter of fact, they say, the biggest effect from having Boozer and her mentor running FUSD is a systematic reduction in public safety on school campuses.

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16 thoughts on “Lack of experienced leadership leading to public safety issues in Fontana

  1. Will she get away with this because she’s a woman? But if this was a man, he would of been reprimanded and put on administrative leave. Will anyone pursue this? Also in regards to school police, there has been schools broken into multiple times and technology taken etc…. Where are the alarms and school police? Well this explains why this is happening. No school police available. There isn’t anymore support from the district obviously. Question for superintendent: Can these unarmed security guards protect our students and the staff from an assault rifle or armed gunmen? Who is suffering? The kids of Fontana.

    • Please don’t even go there. Have you ever called school police or dealt with them? They love passing the buck to someone else or some other department. FLIP does not work. However our parents don’t it. Isn’t it funded by a grant? Hmmm. The two officers assigned to it should go back to patrol. Officers asked for the lieutenant position to be created because in order to be Chief of School Police, you need lieutenant experience. Where else are they going to get it? Where did “Boozer’s Boy Toy” come from? Corporal, you must have made that it up yourself along with her hitting on you. Wasn’t it you who bragged in school police, “I’m banging the superintendent.” Did you think she was going to appoint you as lieutenant? Is that why you’re upset now. I may not agree with the current administration, but I can’t stand it when someone lies.

      • Are you kidding me that’s the problem with people in Fontana you have your priorities all mixed up it doesn’t matter who she’s “banging” the problem is is that she’s endangering our children’s lives and she’s taking all their education funds you should be directing that towards her and not so mad at people who published the information out there. Who cares if he thought he was getting Lieutenant position or not what matters is keeping our kids safe and the biggest point is that this on top of everything else is going on. It doesn’t matter how anybody else acts, what matters is how she acts. Because she’s the leader she’s supposed to be their representative she supposed to keep everybody in order. I can’t tell if you’re jealous towards her or if you’re jealous towards him, because that’s all I got out of what you said. We should be fighting for the kids not all of the nonsense. Who cares what he did he’s not the superintendent of schools she is unfortunately.

      • It seems that this is heard by someone or hear say about “I’m banging the superintendent.” Shouldn’t this be reported by you Dolores as misconduct or harassment? The problem is the leadership at the district and it does start top down. In being an effective model of a leader for all district employees that should be followed, it shows what our district is heading towards which is destruction. When will the board members and community put a stop to this kind of behavior and hire someone who will move our city and kids to a brighter future? When was the last time we can say we had a superintendent in Fontana that wasn’t bought out from there contract or forced out or someone who lasted more than a few years. It has been a long time. Time to change the three board members who are supporting the superintendent. We need accountability!!!

  2. Someone needs to help we have so much info against her, but cirona chavez and sandoval back up boozer in all the illegal activity she does. Sandavols husband hold office in city imagine the negative brought to our city because if the kids arent important nothing is except the dollar.

      • Its not slander when there is proof!! Youll see real soon and thats the truth. And if you werent worried you wouldnt be anonymous! !

        • This district can’t wait anymore!! Where’s the proof? We need change now before she ruins everything that this district has done!!!

          • Right, but how? Board members who are on kids side say hands are tied. County Super is as crooked as the rest. Gov. Brown puts it off on state super. Dept of Ed cant touch it unless it falls into a small very small criteria. Thats the problem, no accountability but its coming soon. Just have to make sure they know we have 2 problems at district, Boozer and our asst supers that were here previous. What needs to happen is parents need to come together please if we had enough parents to stand up for our kids.

        • I’m not worried about anything sweetheart! 🙂 I’ve known the Sandoval’s for years and to say that they are there for anything more then what they are elected for is slander because there is NO proof! Bring out the proof if you have any! Look into their 460 forms to see who gave them money and you tell me who they are working for. BTW, are you related to Ken Glassco?

          • First of all I said nothing about where the sandovals get their money, you must be worried about something else. And 2ndly yes when Boozer is giving herself a raise with the 3 board approval and the schools have no paper, no bottle water and when your signing to approval the LCAP and budget when its not funding items it claims to be, yea your responsible because 2 board member were smart enough to know not to approve or sign to approve, because when this comes back to accountability then your gonna be held accountable. Im not the enemy. Boozer is board approved to travel 29 times in 22 months. Kids dont have paper, supplies, books that arent falling apart, play structures that are dangerous but thats justifiable? Boozer came in and is making a fool of all people in fontana. Our kids lifes, education is on the line and your worried who Im related to? Mind boggling. Its Galasso. And of course your still anonymous.

          • Everyone needs to know Boozer belongs to a group of people who come in and strategically shut down schools, privitization. We are paying her to travel and scout her next victims. Drain all the funds for our students and then open charter and online schools. We have to come together and not allow her to do here what theyve been doing everywhere, why Fontana? Boozer had her eye on the big fish. Fontana’s one of the biggest low income school districts in California .bwonderwoman33@yahoo.comquestions, i am a parent and community member who wouldnt accept Boozer robbing our kids of their education. Together is only way to stop her

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