It seems the good doctor is upset with me

Dr. Leslie Boozer

First, Dr. Boozer’s staff sent out a two-page memo defending her expenses and trying to portray them as just $234.  Believe me, I have copies of expense reports showing she has traveled on the school district’s dime to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Next she had the school district’s attorney send me a letter demanding that I take down my stories.  Oh, and they are claiming copyright infringement. That cost the taxpayer’s how much?  I think I shall submit a California Public Records Act request and find out.  And I will publish the response.

Tonight, she ended the school board meeting, which was broadcast on Fontana’s TV station, by once again defending her travel expenses.  I’m kinda laughing that it is so easy to get under her skin.  But I’m also laughing because her travel expenses are just the first thing I am looking at.  Believe me, there is more to come.

I’m not sure which has been more entertaining tonight:  Boozer or Lamberto

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  1. Just wondering if you have anything new on this story about Dr Boozer

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