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Dr. Leslie Boozer

I’ve been working on two stories about Fontana Unified School District for days.  I thought I was going to have them posted last Friday but I keep getting new tips to check out.  I have not gotten back to everyone who has sent me tips yet because I’m  overwhelmed with the amount of information I have been given.   Plus, Andrew Lambert, Greg Devereaux, and my back have had other ideas about how I need to spend my time this past week.

Fontana is far from forgotten. Please keep the tips coming.  I knew after I started with this story that things were corrupt.  I had no idea just how corrupt.  At least one story should be posted today.

In the meantime, if you have not read the story Mark Gutglueck’s story about the contracts for the district’s top administrators, here is the link.


7 thoughts on “Fontana Unified School District

  1. How do I get documented info to you? I feel that you would be quite interested since the money used was about $500,000 of public funds from FUSD-money which should have been used on our students.

  2. I can prove at least several of the items in lcap / lcff are untrue, there’s several places where they have fake charges to cover up money being gone. I meet with several of the administrators and have met with the super 2x. I have had pleasure of telling her to her face she is worthless and she’s funding her resume with our children’s education. And she should be ashamed. But she has no conscious it does not phase her in the least. I’ve contacted mayor and asked to have a meeting for parents and district, city ran so we have a forum to express our feelings and the district cant suppress them. So state superintendent will get involved.

  3. Sounds like a huge witch hunt. Where was the transparency and accountability request when Cali Olsen-Binks (daughter of longstanding board member Kathy Binks) became Superintendent?

    What about City of Fontana’s City manager Kenneth Hunt’s $401,000 (2013) total pay by the City of Fontana or the Chief of Police $333k salary?

    • Cali was daughter in law of Mrs. Binks, not her daughter. Cali did not have the freedom to a credit card like Leslie. Cali worked her way up ladder of FUSD since she was home grown.

  4. I’m afraid C. Hernandez Alias: Raza Fontana, doesn’t have all his/her facts. Records are public and they can be requested, if there was any issues back with the previous superintendent those records would of been out for all to see. I’m sure the old board members would of shared those and called a scandal then at that time.

    The records show the board member who signed off on these charges should also be held responsible for the excessive spending of the superintendent and they should of have questioned the expensives. With all the food meetings daily, when has she had time to step into a school or her office to hold a meeting? And why are all the board members going to breakfast, lunch, and dinner aka-(meetings) with the superintendent so many times a week. How hard is it for her to meet in her office and have a conversation without food. Or if she needs to meet while she eats, I think she can afford to pay for her own food, she makes $256,000. It’s the real world. We all have to pay for our own breakfast, lunches, and dinners.

    Home grown is best!! All outside coordinators, directors, Chiefs, and associate superintendents not from within our district are clueless and have hurt the school district from going further, we have went backwards again. Stop the madness!!

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