Embattled Fontana superintendent may be leaving for greener pastures


Fontana Unified School District Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Leslie Boozer, may be leaving for an unidentified school district in Northern California.  In a message today from Board of Education president, Lorena Corona, employees for the district were advised that Boozer is a finalist for a superintendent position up north.

Boozer has been with Fontana Unified School District for about two and a half years.  During that time she has come under scrutiny for her excessive travel and spending.  She is also behind a move to eliminate the district’s school police department and cover up student crime within the district’s schools.

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8 thoughts on “Embattled Fontana superintendent may be leaving for greener pastures

  1. Watch the board meeting. It’s a disgrace that the superintendent can’t answer any questions, must ask five different people to explain because she can’t. Are you kidding me. She isn’t involved at all and is clueless. Again Chavez running her mouth and telling everyone they are there to approve anything given to them as the board is wrong. The staff didn’t ask for more coordinators or directors. Director of PD was abolished and her new so called positions were created- Director of linked learning. Why does the new Dolores Huerta need a principal, coordinator IB, and there own TOA. The other schools don’t get there own TOA full time and a coordinator. All those positions were made and put in there by the superintendent. Because she can’t handle the job and either can her associate superintendents or Chiefs. This is all a joke! Chavez and Lorena need to go too!!

    • Your soo true, Fontana needs to wake up and put “community” back into our communities. Boozer is a fake, Ive said that since 2013. Everyone is all in awe of her Resume. Hello people its all BS, she never taught. She interned for long Beach District. Chavez and Corona are weak and dont even know what they are doing, their oblivious to reality. Boozer used our kids education funds to continue to fund her Resume, by continually traveling. Boozers leaving before she gets criminally charged. Just like when she left chicago. The “urban ” superintendent program is a program that has ulterior motives. Boozer directs everyone else to talk for her, to not incriminate herself. You think Boozers leaving by choice. Hell no, Ive been working on this since 2013. I have so much proof, I have forwarded onto many officials, agencies and etc. So it was only a matter of time. Why do you think her people are leaving also? Guilty!! Im actually suprised Boozer gave in so early. All of you who loved Boozer, you guys are fools and thats why she played you. Boozer thought Fontana was too stupid to catch on or stop her. Wake up Fontana. Fontana was once a good place who knew and cared about eachother and cared about our sucesses. Chavez and Corona need to go. They are easily brainwashed, and clueless. They happily allowed Boozer to rob our kids of their education. Boozer played them like a drum. We need a homegrown superintendent!!! Make Fontana successful again. Get rid of all the peopl who ignored, allowed or defended Boozer. SB county superintendent Ted A, mayor Warren, Cheryl Browns office, Gov. Brown, Wong, and more. Anyone who didnt help the kids needs to go.

    • Did Boozer use the district credit card or any other funds to make those trips to Dublin? For interview or acceptance of that position? That poor district just made the biggest mistake, her resume and credentials doesn’t make her a strong leader. Where is her teaching experience or administration as a principal. Nothing really mentioned about that because she doesn’t have any. She didn’t follow the traditional path and it shows. She has gaps in her years as an educator.

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