Boozer disputes excessive expenses; further review shows lengthy list of travel

Fontana Unified School District

The Fontana Unified School District Board of Trustees voted to hire Dr. Leslie Boozer as superintendent effective Nov. 1, 2013.  Based on a tip received from school district employees, this reporter requested expenses incurred by Boozer from the beginning of her employment with the district through the date of the request.

In the 24 months since Boozer began her employment with the district, a review of credit card expenses obtained through California Public Record Act requests shows she has taken at least 25 trips at taxpayer expense, amounting to thousands of dollars, not including at least four additional in-county and local excursions.  There is one more trip, which is not listed below due to expenses being reimbursed by another entity, which brings the grand total to 30 trips in 24 months.

In a previous story, we reported:

Preliminary review of the documents received show a number of excessive and questionable expenditures by Superintendent Leslie Boozer. Boozer has traveled extensively around the country from coast to coast, racking up charges for limousine service, excessive baggage, and additional leg room.

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6 thoughts on “Boozer disputes excessive expenses; further review shows lengthy list of travel

  1. On the bright side, Sharon, attorney Mark Thompson publically recognized you as a journalist. This days after an established newpaper stated that you broke the Lamberto story!

    • Well, I guess Sharon 2 Opposition 0 last week. I love how newbies think they are going to intimidate me. Cease and desist letters are pretty much the dumbest things on the planet you can send me.

      Let’s just say I’m in the wrong, which I’m not; unprotected by the shield law (he is also demanding I keep all texts, emails, notes, voice mails, etc., to hand over to him, like that’s gonna happen), which I’m not; and stupid enough to be intimidated by an attorney so lazy he sends such a document by email, which I’m not, well what is he gonna do to me if he gets judgment, which he won’t? I suppose he can levy my sleeping bag and shopping cart. I mean seriously. I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve received cease and desist letters by attorneys far more impressive than him. My reaction was the same each time: more articles to the tenth power. When the cease and desist letters arrive, you know you’re onto something bigger than you realized.

  2. When I travelled for SBC I got 3 meals a day up to a total daily $ amount. No $4 coffees.

    A solution is people use their own CC and claim reimbursement. Under strict and known guidelines. Out of guidelines? No payment.

  3. Yes, Anon, for an employee. This is a Superintendent. Yes, the Board is in authority and has supervison over the Superintendent. Yet it is also a position that bears public scrutiny.

    Reports have it that administrative costs are growing, onsite spending is restricted, and the Superintendent’s travel costs are significant. Dr. Leslie Boozer through her lawyer has declared Sharon Gilbert an area journalist that will be held civily responsible for any inaccuracies in her reports.

    Seems to me that Leslie Boozer has established a set of criteria in which Dr. Boozer is mandated to sit down , or communicate by phone, with Sharon Gilbert to explain her budget priorities and to show how her travel expenses are a benefit to the teaching of children in the Fontana School District. Simple enough.

    Mark Thompson, can you find any flaw in my logic? And are you prepared to match wits with MY lawyers?

    • Interestingly, after details of the costly meals and food platters being offered at virtually every meeting involving the superintendent surfaced, suddenly water and snacks have appeared at recent district mandated teacher math trainings. Many teachers appreciated the gesture but two things came to mind: 1) we’d prefer the money go to the classrooms and 2) how interesting “someone” suddenly wants to offer us water and snacks at trainings …. It didn’t seem like just a coincidence.

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