Additional information needed regarding Fontana Unified School District

Dr. Leslie Boozer

My story regarding the expense accounts of Fontana Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Leslie Boozer was apparently posted to a secret Facebook group run by Fontana’s teachers union.  I guess it raised the ire of some teachers, considering the number of hits and likes it received, not aimed at me, but rather, at Dr. Boozer.

I cannot access that Facebook group but I am told that there are some comments about how their contract was voted on during the summer when many teachers were not in town.  There seems to be a bit of a conspiracy theory about it, which I can see in a school district.  That would be like expecting county employees to vote on their contract over theThanksgiving four-day weekend.

If anyone can shed some light, especially with documentation, this could make a good story.  I’m not sure if the sentiment on this in anti-union or anti-administration.  It seems to me the union could have prevented it, but who knows.  I’d like all the 4-1-1 on if if someone sees fit.  You send send me a message through this blog or at  Thank you.

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