Y’all remember this story?

Tim Donnelly

Here it is.  Read the story and the comments.  Lots of people called me a liar including Tim Donnelly, who even told a SacBee reporter I was crazy for suggesting such a thing.

Well after all the confusion over which office he was at the ROV to papers for, anyone care to guess which one it was?  I will let you look it up for yourselves so that I don’t spoil the surprise.

One caveat here, Donnelly for whatever reason is doing the smoke and mirrors thing on this.  I would not put it past him to really be filing for SD21. But we shall see

6 thoughts on “Y’all remember this story?

  1. Administrator:

    This is off topic, but have Repairman and Red Anon been banned from making comments on your site?

    My feeling is that they simply disappeared as they saw the facts slowly cornering them, but some others seem to believe they were banned.

    Please let us know.


    • No, neither one was banned. Repairman comes around now and then. Haven’t seen red anon since the blog went down the last time. However, he/she has used a variety of names over the years so it is possible they are here, at least looking. He/she used a cell phone for many of their posts, which means the IP address changed constantly, so I really don’t have a way of knowing unless they choose to come out of the shadows.

      I haven’t written much about Colonies because I’m tired of that whole mess. That was the main issue that attracted the two of them.

  2. Administrator:

    Thanks for the response.

    Kenneth Holtz has said that they are both witnesses in The Colonies case.

    I’m skeptic; what do you think?

    • No. He thinks Red is Postmus and Repairman is Ellis. I can tell you neither is true.

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