What to do?

This is a story I’ve held for at least two years now.  I’m frustrated because the county cannot seem to do its job.  This is not just an abused animal story.  It involves special needs children, weapons, alcohol, false police reports, and the Mexican Mafia.

I first heard of this situation when a contact watched the owner of a horse beat the horse into submission.  They were very upset and complained to the county.  Instead of county animal control investigating, they went after the person who made the report.

Fast forward a year or so and I heard similar accusations from an unrelated party. I still had nothing to go on.

Fast forward a few more months and another totally unrelated party contacted me.  That party is someone many of you have known and dealt with during your county career or while living in Apple Valley.  Not that the others were not respectable, but by virtue of the person’s position within the community and chosen profession, their story carried a lot of weight.

At that point I had additional witnesses, some of which were unrelated.  I put some of my witnesses in touch with the powers that be within SBSD.  The one thing everyone agreed on was that the Double 6 Ranch in the unincorporated area of Apple Valley was not what its founder purported it to be.

According to excellent sources, allegedly not only does serious horse and other animal abuse go on, but it is a haven for gang bangers, drugs, and alcohol.  What makes this story different, is that the owner invites disabled children to this ranch to ride the horses.

Here are a few of the alleged problems with that:

  1. It does not appear anyone is properly licensed to host disabled children.  The facility does not appear to be ADA compliant nor is there any indication that anyone has insurance or training to deal with the issues that can come up in such a setting.
  2. Are any of the employees/felons/gang bangers/volunteers fingerprinted or background checked before being allowed to work with the children.
  3. It does not appear the founder has obtained any of the necessary permits to hold the events he holds.
  4. It does not appear buildings on the property have been properly permitted.
  5. Any animal can be unpredictable, but combining a large, abused horse with a disabled child is asking for tragedy.  Add in alcohol, guns, and drugs, and it only gets worse.
  6. According to Facebook posts, there are a lot of wild parties going on into the wee hours of the morning. The founder’s wife has invited neighbors to come over to get “laid.”
  7. Initially, Lovingood’s office seemed to be helping the founder skirt the permit issues but now that seems to have ended and Lovingood has been neutered.
  8. The founder has connections to a certain horse ranch that one of my connections currently employed by SBSD says is a front to the Mexican Mafia.
  9. The founder makes threats to anyone who challenges him. He carries a concealed weapon he is not licensed to carry.  Other weapons apparently are present on the property.
  10. The founder made a false police report regarding saddles supposedly made for special needs children being stolen.  Apparently, they were not special saddles and were not stolen.
  11. The founder allegedly made a false police report about some expensive items being stolen from his bar.
  12. The horse abuse is beyond anything I can describe.  Hearing the stories being told several times from multiple witnesses gave me nightmares.
  13. The founder claims he has the support of SBSD, including in three videos he put on Facebook today showing uniformed SBSD deputies at his event on Saturday.  He uses his claimed support to intimidate anyone who says they are going to report him.
  14. He does seem to have CHP support as a local Chippie is a friend of the ranch and got the CHP helicopter to do a flyover at one of the events.
  15. I personally went out there and observed the horses in 108 degree weather with no shade and no water.

There is a lot more. I’m not going to put everything out there in case there is a real investigation going on.

I remember when the Town of Apple Valley went after the new owners of the Hitt home across from the cemetery.  They arrested the owners for having an unpermitted wedding on the premises.  So why can’t the county do anything when this guy openly admits on Facebook that he doesn’t have proper permits to hold these events?  The county is allowing him to put these children in danger.  It doesn’t take years to shut down an illegal event venue when there are no permits or insurance. I don’t get it.

Due to his threats, that he apparently has the ability to carry out, I have left a lot out.  I can understand code enforcement officers and animal control officers being afraid of confronting him, but why doesn’t the SBSD and SBDA do something?  This is really a tragedy waiting to happen.

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