Trolling the ROV

San Bernardino County

I spent some time at the Registrar of Voter’s office last Friday, asking questions and observing.  I was there for a couple pieces of information.

First, I wanted to know why Supervisor Robert “Bob” Lovingood, who went in two hours after Angela Valles and Rick Roelle, had his paperwork approved and updates posted online while Valles and Roelle still showed they had not complied.  My thought was that it is special treatment for a county supervisor, which I take issue with.

The employee I dealt with was not very nice.  Understand that I signed in and took a number just like everyone else.  When I pushed the issue about Lovingood, she was a bit hostile.

Well, the fact remains he came in two hours after Valles and Roelle and the ROV updated his records and not theirs.  But there is another aspect to this that doesn’t excuse what the ROV did, but does shed additional light on Lovingood’s incompetence.

As I have pointed out several times, Lovingood has a problem with paperwork.  He seems to think he is above having to do it correctly.  Each and every one of his FPPC 700s has been amended three times.  Most, if not all, of his 460s also have been amended three times.  So, I guess it should come as no surprise that according to the ROV, this was Lovingood’s fourth try at getting his paperwork in properly.  And this is the guy who wants to represent us another four years?

Another interesting thing happened while I was there.  I did not realize it, but Tim Donnelly was also there. Thankfully, I did not see him.  But sitting to my left was a staffer for Paul Cook. The staffer sat and observed.  He got up and left as soon as Donnelly left.  A little paranoid huh?

Oh, I know Donnelly plays dirty, so I understand it.  But it sure is starting early.

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