The Ticket Quota Case

Honestly, I am not surprised by the outcome.

First, I tell anyone who has a case against the county, do what you have to do to not have it heard in San Bernardino Superior Court.  It’s a dirty bench.

I am not saying that anything happened in this trial–it was a jury trial after all–but I spent six years as a judges’ secretary.  What I witnessed over that period of time was appalling.  I’ve told many stories on the blog over the years.

There are other reasons I’m not surprised.  I can say Sheriff McMahon had a lot of confidence when he called me.  I don’t think he would have called if the department was really on the verge of receivership or whatever it is called.

The quota thing was going on back when I used to prepare the STEP Team grant reports in 1985/86.  Nothing has changed. They cover their steps.

But most importantly, after dealing with several of those directly involved in this case, I actually said to someone, “This is Kenny Holtz all over again.”  That person agreed with me.

Things were not adding up.  Wishful thinking was being portrayed as reality.

When things were hot and heavy on the blogs, I had some people contact me regarding the FBI.  I decided to contact the FBI on my own and pass their information along.  The attitude I got from the FBI versus what we were all being led to believe was like night and day. I’m really not the least bit convinced the FBI is doing much in this county except perhaps for the use of force issues, if that.  If McMahon is to be believed, and I have no reason to doubt him, at least some of the complaints were resolved long ago by SBSD to the satisfaction of the FBI.

We shall see.  But this should be a wake up call to all who think they are going in front of a jury in San Bernardino County and the county is going to come across as incompetent and vindictive.  If there aren’t some sleepless individuals tonight, they are fools.  The residents of this county support law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office no matter what insiders, disgruntled former employees, and defendants think or purport.



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