The other problem with a Lovingood SEBA endorsement

Before I jump on SEBA leadership about this, let me first jump on Sheriff John McMahon and District Attorney Mike Ramos.  You two are the county’s top cops.  You have all kinds of tools at your fingertips.

Before you endorse someone, you really should check to see if they are of good character and without a criminal background.  If op research can turn things up, certainly law enforcement professionals can do the same.

This is going to turn into yet another black eye for San Bernardino County.

Now for SEBA, the same goes for you.  But far beyond the past, look at the present.  And look at the recent history of 1090 violations in this county.

As law enforcement officers you should have some investigative skills although I’m beginning to wonder.  If I can take an hour to make a couple phone calls and search voting records online, certainly you are capable of the same.

I will be spelling it out for you soon complete with hyperlinks so all you have to do is click and read.  But it’s troubling to me that those who are sworn to protect us from lawbreakers have no problem supporting a lawbreaker for higher office.

I can promise you this is going to get embarrassing.  And it is going to be a great disservice to your members.

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