The FBI Investigation

I’ve been reading the speculation on the blogs and social media.  I think a lot of stock is being put into this investigation.  Perhaps it is justified; perhaps it is not.  I’m not going to say as I really don’t know.

But can I remind you all that the FBI has been here before and got totally snookered by county officials.  I’m speaking about ARMC to be specific.

I do not know the scope of that investigation beyond the free health care for county supervisors and their friends at taxpayer expense.  There were some other much more serious things going on, especially in Ward B, and the hospital was on the verge of bring shut down.  You’d never know it thanks to the coverup.

The FBI served search warrants on the hospital.  I heard that included the DBH unit but never confirmed it.  The end result was a big fat zero.

That FBI complaint was initiated by then-Supervisor Neil Derry.  Even he could not make something happen.

Why?  Well I did an FPPC complaint a little while afterwards over all the free gifts of medical procedures given to county supes that were not reported on their 700 forms.  My complaint was deemed invalid according to the FPPC because County Counsel–Ruth Stringer to be exact–notified them that free health care at ARMC was one of the benefits of being a county supe.  I tried my hardest to get the FPPC to look at the county codes and benefit packages that showed that not to be the truth but the FPPC would have no part of it.  Their mind was totally closed on the subject based on the false information provided by county counsel.

The FBI’s investigation just disappeared, I suspect for the same reason.  My sources say they were provided with plenty of evidence but chose to look the other way.

So, although I know there is an investigation going on, I’m not holding my breath.  I genuinely hope they go after the bad guys, of which there are many.  But history tends to repeat itself.  If it happens, I will be very happy.  If it doesn’t, I won’t be the least bit surprised.

BTW, some of the rumors going around are really far-fetched.  Those who see a conspiracy under every rock really are not helping the cause.  Corruption is alive and thriving in SBCo.  Let’s hope the FBI has the patience to sort it all out.

3 thoughts on “The FBI Investigation

  1. Nothing will change in San Bernardino County until you get rid of the district attorney Ramos. He is the most corrupt law enforcement official in the county. until he starts holding people accountable fairly an across-the-board nothing will change in San Bernardino County. The FBI and the state need to investigate district Attorney Ramos. The FBI and the state needs to investigate district Attorney Ramos on fairness corruption and lack of accountability.

  2. Oh my God…..Jesus please help me I have been wrongfully accused of Child Abuse and had my children taken away with no evidence of abuse noted…..I filed the Color of Law against the Juvenile Courts and the charges were changed to neglect and my children were all still removed from my home, somebody please hear my case…..Justice delayed Justice denied….Attorney General, please help us we are prosecuted for the CFS allowing children to die in there care and now they have my children who will die next if the state will not intervene immediately…..You know who you are and I am getting closer to exposing you all involved from the judge to the CPS attorney’s and only God can help you now, your soul will be required of the Lord. The good thing about this is that God is all knowing and you know what you have done to me and my family and other families unjustly…..Thank you, Kamala Harris for reading my complaints and responding to the corruption and scandals with the County of San Bernardino CPS/CFS departments.

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