Support Tim Donnelly for Congress, win a gun

Tim Donnelly

In what may very well be one of the most unique campaign fundraisers of the season, Congressional candidate Tim Donnelly is inviting you to his fundraiser for the chance to not only “hang out with some conservative rock stars,” but also have a chance to win one of three guns.  The first 100 individuals to buy a ticket will be entered into a drawing for a choice of a Beretta T3 Lite .25-06 REM, a Charter Arms Undercover Lite .38SPL, or a Mossberg 500 Cruiser.

Politichicks Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Louden, will be on hand along with musician Alfonzo Rachel and Debbie Turner.  Turner played Marta in The Sound of Music.

Donnelly is challenging incumbent Rep. Paul Cook along with three others who have thrown their hats into the ring for a seat in Congress.   The top-two vote-getters will go to a runoff in November, and the winner will represent the 8th Congressional District.

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6 thoughts on “Support Tim Donnelly for Congress, win a gun

  1. Unwilling:

    He forgot where his gun was once. So did former Dallas Cowboy Head Coach Barry Switzer. If it happens to either of them again, then you can claim that he “forgets where his own guns are.”

    In my opinion, everybody deserves a second chance, but nobody deserves a third chance.

  2. Wow obers is carrying timmies water now! how nice. What timmy got caught doing was trying to smuggle a loaded semi-auto pistol onto a commercial airliner. So timmy is either a forgetful idiot who loses track of his loaded semi-auto or a liar who tried to smuggle a loaded gun onto a airliner, your choice, which is it? either way is not good, now is this the best the GOP has? because if it is then they’re in a lot of trouble. So do you think if one of his kids would have found that gun and accidentally shot themselves or someone else, they still should wait till the 2nd. problem?

  3. Repairman seems to be back, now commenting under an “Anonymous” title.

    I’m not sure what you mean about “carrying timmies water,” but my point is that this happened once, and it has not happened again. Same with Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Barry Switzer, and I do not think he is a “liar” or a “forgetful idiot.”

    As I stated, my feeling is that everybody is entitled to a second chance, but nobody is entitled to a third chance.

    I even gave Mike Ramos a second chance when he got caught lying to the FPPC. But then he got caught again. And then he got caught a third time committing the exact violation he committed when he got caught the second time.

    I don’t think he is a “forgetful idiot,’ just a defiant DA who is a disgrace to the profession.

    If either Tim Donnelly or Barry Switzer do this again, I will be just as harsh on them.

    • Sorry, you don’t get second chances for forgetting loaded guns. It’s hard enough for law abiding citizens to rehabilitate our image when some bone head leaves a loaded gun accessible to a child, let alone a legislator for conservative causes ready to be made an example by every left wing loon in Sacramento.

  4. Unwilling:

    Fair enough; I am not attempting to downplay this incident, which showed extremely poor judgement on Mr. Donnelly’s part.

    However, I feel that it was a mistake, and not a deliberate attempt to “smuggle” a gun on to a commercial airliner as Anonymous/Repairman suggests, and believe that he is entitled to a second chance.

    If it happens again, I will be Mr. Donnelly’s harshest critic.

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