Supervisor candidates raising big money for campaigns

No on Lovingood

A review of Campaign Disclosure Statements (FPPC 460) reveals the potential for expenditures in local Board of Supervisors races to exceed a half million dollars combined.  Incumbent supervisors Josie Gonzales, James Ramos, and Robert Lovingood all have considerable war chests at their disposal while Lovingood challenger, Paul Russ, raised enough to make him competitive with Lovingood.

According to her report filed Apr. 28, 2016, Supervisor Josie Gonzales has $774,347 cash on hand.  She spent $70,672 on her campaign when she thought she was going to have one or more opponents.  However, she is running unopposed, so little of her current cash on hand will be spent.

Supervisor James Ramos has the second highest amount with $315,991 cash on hand.  So far, he reports he has had expenditures of $145,123.  His only opponent, Donna Munoz, has $4,506 on hand and has spent $12,427 in her campaign so far this year.

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