Some cancellations

Just thought I’d pass along the cancellations I’ve noticed via Twitter and other social media for today due to the situation in San Bernardino:

Fontana’s Tree Lighting is cancelled.

Mike Ramos’ fundraiser is cancelled.

Also, at least some county buildings in the area are on lock down.  Hopefully, our CEO ordered them all on lockdown.

4 thoughts on “Some cancellations

  1. Greggy ordered everyone to “shelter in place”. Yet, in the GSG building, there is NO SHERIFF/POLICE protection. Since the attack ocurred in a county building, I would think that this is an especially stupid move, that leaves employees especially vunerable.

    • More county buildings have been placed on lockdown and at least one several miles away was evacuated.

      The event was for county employees. I’ve confirmed the department but not going to say until I hear it on the news. But the bottom line is that it was a targeted attack that whether intentionally or randomly hit county employees. EVERY county building should be on lockdown and provided security. Better yet, send everyone home.

  2. BOB Dutton and Larry Walker kept the offices open after finding out the terror was unfolding just up the street 5 mins from the The County recorder and Tax Accesor..Mike Ramos is lying about the safety of County Employees when incidents like these take place..

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