San Bernardino massacre quickly becomes part of presidential campaign ad

Jeb Bush

As conservatives around the country become more and more frustrated with President Barack Obama’s unwillingness to refer to the bloody massacre that took place this past Wednesday in San Bernardino, Calif. as an “act of terrorism” even after the FBI has stated as much, one campaign is taking the issue to the voters.  Right to Rise USA, an independent super PAC supporting the candidacy of Jeb Bush, will begin running an ad on Dec. 8 in early-voting states and on cable linking the attack to ISIS.

The ad mocks Obama’s assertion that ISIS is or should be “contained.”  In the 33-second commercial, Bush says, “The United States should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out ISIS with overwhelming force.”  The clip was taken from a speech given at the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, on Nov. 18, 2015.  In the speech, Bush laid out his plan to defeat ISIS.

Wednesday’s rampage started as Syed Farook was celebrating at a lunchtime holiday party with his co-workers from the Environmental Health Services Division of San Bernardino County’s Public Health Department.  He left the festivities and then returned with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, with weapons and bombs.  The couple killed 14 people, 12 of whom were county employees, and wounded 21.

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17 thoughts on “San Bernardino massacre quickly becomes part of presidential campaign ad

  1. Bullshit. The Republicans have blocked every attempt to control guns. Your stupid support of them erases all the good your blog has accomplished. Shame on all Republicans, they have blood on their hands.

    • First of all, it’s a news story, which means it has nothing to do with whom or what I support. But that being said, let me piss you off a little more. If the election were held today, I would vote for Ted Cruz. That could change down the road because ultimately I will vote for the person who I think has the best chance against Hillary. Who knows who will be left standing next June.

      And let me make this even worse for you. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, the NRA, and open carry.

      I’m sure you can find another blog better to your liking. But I don’t suggest the “other” blog, as they are all gun owners, hunters, and card-carrying lifetime members of the NRA over there . . . at least most of them . . . and proud of it.

    • Obviously you don’t know where I live nor are you a friend on Facebook. If you were, you would see my posts about gunshots day and night. I don’t have neighbors per se, but the sounds of gunfire carry a long way. It’s just part of living in a very rural area.

      It rarely bothers me although the gunshots across the way on Thanksgiving did catch my attention. That neighbor is about a football field away. I’ve never heard shots from them before. They were having a big ol fiesta with lots of alcohol from what I could tell. No one called the police and I never saw a coroner’s van so I guess all is well. Either that or there is a body buried somewhere on their 20 acres.

      Someone nearby has “live free or die” as the name of their modem. My laptop picks up the signal now and then.

      Oh yeah, I was told by the SO that the Mexican horse ranch near me is is a front for the Mexican mafia, which makes sense based on some of what I’ve observed there. Bet they have a gun or two.

      I grew up with guns. My youngest brother carved his own gun stocks and did his own reloading. He and his best friend, who is a fire chief now, used to make pipe bombs in metal shop at AVHS and blow things up in our yard. We used to target practice in our yard too or hike out to Bell Mountain with the guns and target practice at the old ghost town.

      Save your “gun control is the answer” rhetoric for someone else. You will get no sympathy here. I have no problem with private citizens owning guns. I don’t like hunting at all, but it is still legal so it is what it is.

  2. Anonymous, if you want to debate gun policy as it relates to domestic issues and domestic mass shootings, that is one thing. The Farooks were part of an ilfiltrating, invading army which is established here and more estabished in Europe. They had an IUD factory in their garage, damn it!

    To pass laws to deny guns to them, you will also have to pass laws to deny arms to the peaceful citizens that could stand up to them.

  3. OK, so Guns are used in terrorism, we should then ban them , right. In fact we should ban anything that allows for indiscriminate killing of humans, right? (oops don’t forget the galvanized pipe used to make pipe bombs).

    2013 CDC stats Table 10. Number of deaths from 113 selected causes
    Motor vehicle accidents (35,369)
    Accidental poisoning and exposure to noxious substances (38,851)
    Assault (homicide) by discharge of firearms (11,208)
    Complications of medical and surgical care (2768)

    So starting with vehicles, and any substance that can poison you, we could save 70000 lives a year compared to 11000 by eliminating guns, right?

    Thanks for playing our game. Bye Bye

  4. I believe in a citizen’s right to own guns, and I believe in some gun control, so my purpose is not to wade into this debate. But, there is an argument that seems to be given that drives me crazy. Yes, guns don’t kill people, people do. Just like cars don’t kill people, people do. Fine, true. But nobody thinks that the government is trying to take their car away when they require them to pass a test to drive one, and require it be registered and insured. Nobody feels put upon and threatened by their government by that requirement. We actually embrace it. We differentiate by the type of motor vehicle to determine what class of license is required because we see it is different to drive a car than it is to drive a semi truck. We embrace this too because we understand the greater risk to life posed by the driver of a semi(and I intended the use of the word “semi”) So, now give me the argument how guns and cars are the same, capable only of killing by the human using them, and tell me why can’t we have gun control??

    • I upset the left with my original post and comments so let’s see if I can upset the right now. First off, you say why can’t we have gun control.

      Using your comparison of a vehicle, don’t we have gun control already?

      Is there any limit at all on owning a car? I’m not sure if you have to be a certain age or not.

      To drive a car, you have to be at least 15.5 years in most states and at least 16 to do it by yourself. You have to pass a driver’s test and show you have the physical and mental capabilities to drive a vehicle in order to get a license. You have to renew that license in most state every few years, often times having to requalify with a written and/or driving test.. If you violate the terms of your license, you may have you driving privilege suspended or revoked.

      In the case of a gun, just to own a gun I believe you have to be 18. To buy a gun, you have to pass a background check and you can be denied the right to own a gun based a past criminal conviction or mental health.

      What is the difference?

      With that being said, and this is where I’m going to upset the right, it seems to me that if you can pass a background check to qualify to own a gun, you should be able to conceal carry that same gun. However, where I would tighten things up is that I feel in order to buy a gun, you should not only have to pass a background check for criminal history, you should have to pass a test to assure you are mentally, emotionally, and physically able to operate a gun in a safe manner. You should have to qualify on a range to show you know how to use a gun and are capable of using a gun. I would go so far as to say, like with a vehicle, you should have to carry liability insurance. And, like a driver’s license, this should have to be done every few years.

      When I worked for SBSD, the secretary that sat next to me handled the CCW renewals. I can remember several very old seniors coming in with their guns to get the CCWs renewed. They had been signed off as having qualified at the range. I can tell you in no uncertain terms, there is no way in Hades these people qualified at the range. I remember one woman in her late 80s shook so hard she could barely hold onto the gun. I doubt she had strength enough in her fingers to pull the trigger. But she was a loyal Tidwell campaign contributor, so her CCW was renewed.

      Stronger laws on who can and cannot buy guns in going to do little to end gun violence. We have the laws on the books already in many places and it does zip. Just like lots of people drive vehicles with licenses, proper insurance, or even the physical capacity to do so. How many wrong-way drivers take out someone each year. Of how many people have seizures while driving. Or really can’t see well enough to react quickly enough. We just had a bank guard killed by one such driver in Apple Valley.

      However, I still believe for someone to own a gun legally, they should be held to a certain level of responsibility, mental and physical well being, and integrity. If you are of age and can pass these criteria, you should be able to own a gun and conceal carry. It should not be left up to the politics of the sheriff in your county.

      Do I believe this will prevent acts such as the San Bernardino massacre? No, I sure don’t. I do think it will hold people more accountable and end some of the accidental shootings and irresponsible usage.

      Just like no law stops drug trafficking, human trafficking, and a gazillion other crimes. For that matter, can you think of a single law on the books that has not been violated at least once?

      That’s the nature of the beast. Personally, I would like to see the prisons cleaned out of all of the low-level drug offenders and others who can be productive members of society and replaced with gang bangers and other felons who simply do not know how to play nice.

      As far as the Jihadists go, we need to fight fire with fire and stop with all of these panty-waist ideas. They are not going to abide by our gun laws any more than they abide by any other of our laws. The same goes for Mexican Mafia or any other gang. You need to take these people out.

      • I agree with you. I think when you upset the left and the right it means you are probably in a nice middle ground. I get tired of the same black and white debates.

        My question was aimed at this poster: “So starting with vehicles, and any substance that can poison you, we could save 70000 lives a year compared to 11000 by eliminating guns, right? Thanks for playing our game. Bye Bye” I thought it was flip and not well thought out.

        Very few people are calling to eliminate guns. And the motor vehicle comparison is what I was referring to, I think it’s ridiculous.

        I know more than one person with an illegal military type weapon here in California. I know they are illegal here in CA, but I think they are legal in other states. They are not a weapon one carries for their own safety, or for the sport of hunting. I am completely open to gun control in this area, make them hard to get and expensive, that could be a deterrent.

        The shooting in San Bernardino and the shooting of children in their schools were different animals. It is frustrating to see the same old debate when they are apples and oranges.

  5. Stop having all these gun free zones, but if you are going to have one, at least put fully armed officers everywhere to ensure it is gun free. Schools, County Buildings, Post offices OMG ridiculous, what are we protecting, books, mail and paper supplies? Let people protect themselves and these soft targets will no longer be soft. You can’t stop people who plan attacks on humans. What has all this spying on me resulted in?

    Bad guys don’t like confrontation. Body Armor, shoot someone in this and I can guarantee you it is a wake up call. Kevlar, like getting hit with a rubber mallet leaving a big bruise. Steel plate is only 10″x12″ and will be noticed you’ve been hit in most instances. But be a bad shot that day and miss a little, terrorist meat. If he can hit me center mass, he can probably hit me in the head. Yep ! Bye Bye….

    Hey neighbor, I’ve had a pile guns for 50 years and your still living, what gives? Is it because I carry one around with me under my clothes you’re not scared? My kids and wife don’t like guns and that’s cool, some just aren’t cut out to carry or have a cool explosion go off in their hands. Some drive VW’s some drive Porsche’s.

    Guns aren’t leaving, it’s the American Way, there is 10’s of millions in this country that .gov don’t know where they are or if they exist. Get used to them…..You certainly don’t want law abiding citizens going Full Retard.

  6. Need to add a comment to my, “I love Guns”. I am not and never have been a member of the NRA.

  7. Opps one more disclaimer, never killed anything but a lizard and a humming bird with a BB Gun many moons ago. Guns a safe in the right hands but accidents do happen so extreme caution is required, there is no second chances.

    I Love Guns

    • Why would anyone kill a hummingbird??? Seriously. You lost your argument on that alone. Disgusting.

  8. Aim small, miss small…. It was the dark side of me at 12. Today I don’t miss, should the terrorist be in “our” room, you will appreciate the years of devotion to the sport, and probably thank me.

    Bird Killer

    • You know what, you are right. I would appreciate you. And, I still think it is sad you killed hummingbirds, so, you got me. And if you have proven yourself to be someone that should carry, I support it. But that is just one facet of gun control, and having it all lumped together is ridiculous to me. My brother in law does not need an AK. It isn’t legal, so nobody can monitor it. And if it is stolen, he can’t report it missing because he wasn’t allowed to have it. That to me is a problem.

  9. I said a Hummingbird, not multiples there of. I stalked him for weeks. He/she would sit on the telephone line leading to the house. I missed so many times. You know a hummingbird is very very small.

    Stalking Bird Killer

    • If you saved me I would still thank you. But I am back to thinking you are a bit nuts.

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