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I will preface this by saying that I will not give out more information than is in this post and that any information provided to me via comment will not be published as a comment  Those who really have information will know whom I am referencing.

It is my understanding that a city council person elected to office to a city within San Bernardino County may have ties to an organization that has ties to Islamic extremists.  It is also my understanding that same council person has a lot of property within the city they live where they have hidden their financial interests and ownership.  In other words, they may be voting on issues that they profit from.

If you have any information, you can email me, use the contact form, or add a comment.

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  1. First off this is the biggist lie there is, the mother jennifer rosenquist is mentally unstable she brain washed my daughter the mother lost custody of our daughter do to being institutionalized for being on meth. Cps took the kids away. The mom has did drugs and drank with our child she tried to place our younger kids at a adotption agency 2 years prior i have them also. You can not go by what people post till you have both sides of the story. That story was originally write by jennifers boyfriend of 3 months

  2. Quite a gap between the post and the first reply. It will be interesting to learn how the information filters in to make sense of the gap.

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