Let me help you out on the SEBA issue Holtz

I have had zero time to respond to anything the past few weeks, but now that things are winding down I’ve got a few minutes since you asked Kenny.  But I don’t have regular Internet access so this will be short.

I read Erwin’s interview with Gutglueck and I agree with at least 90 percent of what he had to say.  Erwin still has those in SBSD that will talk to him, but while he has all those felonies hanging over his head, many won’t.  Despite my rocky relationship with SBSD, I still have many sources.  I suspect our sources are mostly different as Erwin’s sources hate me and my sources hate him.  My point is we are getting info from two different perspectives, neither of which is fully right or wrong.

So this is what I have to say based on my sources at SBSD, SEBA, and the BOS.

SEBA has definitely seen its better days.  But like Teamsters and SEIU, there are those in the organization who are trying to make changes and have the members’ best interests at heart.  They are being slowed down by those who favor the status quo for whatever reason but usually its their own financial gain whether it is a promised promotion or something else.

Since Devereaux, collective bargaining in this county had changed significantly.  The newer leadership in all three unions realize that Devereaux must go

The problem is there is not a complete pair of balls between the five members of the BOS.  There is not a leader among them.

Ramos is trying to lead but he is weak.  All you have to do is catch Rutherford or Gonzales during one of their “fed up” moments to see just how  incohesive and incoherent this current board really is.  The glue that is holding them together is not any one of thrm but rather the control Devereaux exerts over each of them individually.

All three unions realize Devereaux needs to go.  And they realize there will have to be two more voteson the Fifth Floor to make that happen.

No one, including Larin, really believed the BOS was going to get rid of Devereaux after the Lamberto incident.  And this is where you Kenny and Jim are wrong.  What SEBA did was set the stage.  SEIU joined in.  Other smaller unions also want to be part of it.

It is not a short process.  It begins by replacing Lovingood.  Depending on who is elected in November, we could start to see movement right after the first of the year.  And that is because there is already movement and alliances forming behind the scenes in this effort.  Worst case scenario is having to wait two more years to replace Rutherford, which will happen.

The big problem we have right now is SEBA flinching.  I don’t think Larin has the backbone to see this thru.  Rumor is he is wanting to endorse Lovingood no matter how much Lovingood screws over the deputies.  SEBA members really need to vote in a strong president whose only loyalty is to the membership.  It’s been a long time since they have had someone like that at the helm.

Perhaps Erwin is not in a place to see it but there is movement on two other fronts.  First, with the Lovingood complaints, there is action taking place.

Second, if you observe very closely and look at all the evidence, there is movement with the Devereaux issue.  Again, the current problem is lack of leadership by anyone on the BOS.

Devereaux lives to give unions less than they ask for.  He has been very successful at just that.  The current situation had more to do with the little man’s ego and the lack of strength at the top of SEBA than the attack on Devereaux.  Only the members can correct the situation.  Whether they have the backbone to do it is yet to be seen.

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