Let me help the other blog out a bit with the SEBA issue

This is not to say they are right or wrong.  I just want to provide a few more pieces of the puzzle.

There are actually quite a few more pieces of the puzzle but I’m not sure I can write about all of them.  If you see “updated” in the title, you will know I’ve added more info.

There are at least two factions at SEBA.  With at least one of those factions I would question the individuals’ ability to be law enforcement officers due to their uncanny ability to review all the facts and draw an illogical conclusion.

This, of course, has to do with the contract, or lack thereof, and Supervisor Lovingood.  Let me ask all of you this question.  What is the point of spending money on polling, and/or going to the hassle of getting another organization or campaign to share its professional polling only to do the opposite of what the polling suggests?

For those of you that poo-poo professional polling, I will leave it up to Erwin to explain it to you.  For those of you that understand the importance and significance of valid polling, I will leave it at that.

So, there are several who want to support Lovingood no matter how much he screws over SEBA and no matter what the polling says.  Using that same logic is exactly how they got where they are at now.  Remember who they supported in the fourth district race two years ago?  Now how much favor do they have for their cause from the fourth district?

When you see a member of the BOS who is flipping out desperate to get an specific endorsement, you might want to ask yourself why that is . . . Desperate to the point of flat out lying to those from whom he is trying to get the endorsement.

The election is not the only reason Lovingood is losing it.  I have the text message from Mike Ramos himself–no he did not send it to me–stating there is an ongoing criminal investigation.

I can tell you that I have personally gone through every single vote Lovingood has cast as a member of the Board of Supervisors.  There are multiple 1090 violations that can be easily proven. He had lied on his 700s once more.  Again, for those on the other blog who want to poo-poo 1090 violations, I will let Erwin explain it to you.  Or better yet, you might want to ask Jim Miller, Paul Biane, Mark Kirk, Bill Postmus, and others what a 1090 violation can do to a career.  No, I don’t expect $2 million bail or a perp walk for the news cameras, but there will be action.

So, is the union that represents law enforcement really going to endorse a law breaker, someone who has serious potential of being arrested and kicked out of office?

That will do about as much good in getting a better contract as supporting Gloria did, which was to get you a firm no vote.

So, my suggestion to the rank and file who read this blog is to demand to know what your union is doing regarding Lovingood and make them justify it.  If you go down the road they are leading you down, you may get eight percent over the next three years and get screwed on contracts for the next eight years, and probably longer.

Right now you only have one solid vote behind you–Jame Ramos.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to get a second solid vote now and then take out Rutherford in two years?  She will have a well funded, pro union opponent if she chooses to run for a third term.  That has already been determined.

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