Inside baseball on Lovingood and McEachron

Supervisor Bob

What is not being said in this whole story of Supervisor Robert Lovingood’s threat to Apple Valley Mayor Barb Stanton is that much of this really is about the election.  The plan all along has been that Bob would serve 8-12 years and Ryan McEachron would replace him.

Lovingood’s complete incompetence threw a monkey wrench into the situation.  There is a very high probability he will be replaced alright, years sooner than he anticipated and not by McEachron.

Despite Lovingood’s incompetence the loyalty between Lovingood and McEachron is still there.  Lovingood put all good judgment aside to help Victorville.

Lovingood was not expecting Barb’s true colors to come out, and I mean that in a nice way.  Long before Barb was on the town council, she was an activist.   Once elected, she had tried to fit in.  But for those of us who really believe in what we are doing, we can only get along for the sake of getting along for so long.  When we see injustice, we have to speak out.

Barb hit her tipping point.  We are seeing the same thing with Supervisor Josie Gonzales.  She’s becoming more and more outspoken. Despie claims to the contrary, believe me it is not all one big kumbaya party on the fifth floor.

Now Lovingood and McEachron are in panic mode. Even McEachron’s statement to the Daily Press seemed to have a bit of a threat to it.

This will not go over well with voters, especially in Apple Valley.  That bridge is important to them.

It shall be interesting to see if Barb continues to stand her ground or is bullied into submission.  She has other mayors on her side so this will be fun to watch.

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