In case you have not noticed

I’ve been busy, and I don’t mean with the blog.  A lot has been happening and I’ve decided I simply do not want to write any longer.

I never liked to write nor did I ever really consider myself a writer.  I did what I did out of necessity.

I’ve moved on with life and see no point in re-opening old wounds.  I’m taking a “let God’s will be done” approach to it all including the Colonies case.

I’m leaving the blog up, but I will not be adding anything new for a while. I may write a piece a day or so after the election to explain the various things that occurred that led up to this decision. I am not going to do it any sooner as some of those things involve the election and I made a commitment to stay out of the election.

The renewal plan on the blog and my check do not line up so it is conceivable you will see it down from time to time but it is only temporary. I am not taking it down because anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that after an absence sometimes the writing bug hits me hard. That may happen when the Colonies trial actually starts, but we shall see. For now, there are more important things in life.

One thought on “In case you have not noticed

  1. Well, you have accomplished quite a bit over the years in getting information out. Including spurring the creation of the “other blog”.

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