If Mohammed won’t go to the mountain . . . Updated


Supervisor Robert Lovingood is just too busy to debate his four opponents or appear in public forums with them.  Instead he is spending taxpayer money to do “Lovingood Listens.”  He hasn’t listened for three years but now that he’s up for re-election, he wants to listen . . . As long as someone else is paying for it.

Today’s event is in Hesperia.  So far it’s drawn about ten people including his opponents and a sheriff’s deputy to keep the peace.  Since it’s on the public dime, he can’t have his opponents thrown out of his event.  Life is tough all over.


Update:  I guess all hell broke loose.  A local doctor went crazy and started screaming at him that he killed 14 people.  I’m assuming she was referring to the SB massacre.  I beleven she is the same one who contacted me a few months back.  If so, she is part of the Tim Donnelly/Gregg Imus Live Free or Die group.  Cops were called and she was removed.  Guess it was pretty embarrassing for Lovingood.  His staff didn’t know how to deal with it.

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  1. I never heard of the “Live Free or Die” group, so could not be a member. Lovingood refused to meet with me in the fall of 2014 to hear about corruption and fraud at the very highest levels of the Department of Public Health and other agencies that are supposed to serve SBC children. I am not “crazy,” unless you are an advocate of Soviet psychiatry. I had to raise my voice because I was not given a microphone like the Lovingood shills were and was hampered by Lovingood’s and McMahon’s Gestapo constantly interrupting me. I am angry about the suffering caused by the corruption in SBC, aren’t you? You have my email, so could have contacted me before making your opinions posing as journalism public.

    • I think I saw the “Live Free or Die” logo on your Facebook account or some other social media. With the exception of Tim Donnelly and some of his extreme crazy followers, I support the movemrnt, philosophy, cause, group, or whatever you want to call it. I used to cover their protests but got really tired of the Donnelly supporters so I stopped.

      As to “crazy,” that’s simply the term that was given to me, not to indicate your mental state, but to describe what happened.

      Back when you contacted me, I was going through some medical issues and flat out forgot about your email until last night when one of the candidates was describing what happened. It suddenly sounded familiar and I found your email. That candidate contacted me again this morning and asked me to contact you as they would like to know what you are talking about.

      I’m pretty curious myself. Actually, if you are willing to go on the record, it might make for a good story.

      I think you have my phone number. Call me tomorrow if you are willing to go on the record. Please text me first so that I answer the call.

  2. We live and work by rules and regulations; elected officials (federal, state and local) require that you assess those risks or dangers that may put the people you are supposed to represent in harm’s way.

    Risk is the main cause of uncertainty. Thus, elected officials should increasingly focus more on identifying risks and managing them before they affect the people. The ability to manage risk will help elected officials act more confidently on future decisions. Their knowledge of the risks their constituents are facing will give them various options on how to deal with potential problems. Elected leaders should press to get answers on open concerns.

    Risk management is a function requiring elected officials to know the business impacts and obtain the business intelligence to resolve the warning signs. Identifying strategic risks and conducting risks assessments ensures bidirectional leadership to risk avoidance.

    In the case of Supervisor Robert Lovingood, he doesn’t have a clue.

  3. You may have seen the Gadsden Flag logo with the rattlesnake and “Dont Tread On Me” on my Facebook page, but certainly not a “Live Free or Die” logo. Are you referring to the state seal of New Hampshire? I’m from Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. The Gadsden Flag was originally the banner of the Continental Marines and is now used by the Tea Party as well as American soccer fans.
    Lovingood had his chance in 2014 to hear of the corruption in the Department of Public Health and could have introduced reforms, including replacing the Director, the Chief Medical Officer, and the various long time county employees that know nothing about operating the back or front office of a medical clinic. This might have prevented the whooping cough outbreak of 2015, as the cough plate is no longer distributed to physicians in counties where a nutritionist or other “Progressive” political appointee puts the control of infectious disease as the lowest of her priorities. I assumed in 2014 that Lovingood didn’t want to talk to me because he and the entire Board of Supervisors was involved in the scam to remodel the DPH Clinics in Ontario, Hesperia and Adelanto and pay long term county employees who can’t be fired when government downsizes with federal tax millions intended for primary care clinics, including pediatrics. I had other scandals to report on in CHDP, CPS, and the County Fire Inspection Department, as well as evidence of Leftist sympathizers politicizing Children’s Network. Leftist activists, who would never have gotten a government job in the days of the Loyalty Oath, now have permeated all aspects of county government, leading to Balkanization of county employees and discrimination against unapproved groups such as Christians and High Desert employees, and a doctrine of political correctness. Political correctness in Public Health, which we should remember significantly contributed to the AIDS pandemic over 35 years ago, now is accountable for the spread of tuberculosis by foreign nationals working in the United States illegally. Political correctness also means that an elderly Christian pediatrician with two cats who kept tripping over corruption in her brief term as a subcontractor and reported this to her employer rather than doing an Edward Snowden, is visited at her home by two SBC Sheriff’s deputy investigators after being reported by one of the DPH’s most incompetent and corrupt administrators as being a threat for “workplace violence.” (The deputies apologized and left quickly.) Meanwhile Political Correctness allowed a Muslim jihadist who had been expressing his hateful beliefs at work and began acting differently after his visit to Saudi Arabia was secretly plotting with his wife to murder dozens of DPH employees and as many other Americans as possible, including the first responders arriving on the scene. I’m sure most SBC employees know that this strange behavior was probably reported to supervisors and then ignored, and now there is a cover-up at DPH and Human Resources, but with the county’s policy of omerta and administration’s network of spies, they will have to keep their concerns to themselves and move along. Fourteen are dead, many of the injured not recovered and countless loved ones and friends are still grieving, and all of the Supervisors want us to move along, as they all know about most of the corruption in this county and like it that way.
    Lovingood the Candidate’s billboards hypocritically saying he is going to keep the district safe and the cost of his taxpayer-funded infomercial should be his legacy as the former SBC Supervisor of the First District. As in the former USSR, the truth is no longer told in the media in America. Occasionally something appears on obscure blogs such as this, written, published, and read by “crazy people.”

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