Hugo at it again

Once again I shall not mention the tabloid except to say it is published here in the desert, but every time I think Hugo Valdez can’t stoop any lower for a story, he does.  Today, I have two new examples.

The first was his story on chromium-6 in Oak Hills.  If he had bothered to do any research whatsoever, he would know the situation was not caused because the water in Oak Hills suddenly was contaminated.  It was caused because our environmentalist governor wants basically chromium-6-free water.  The state has lowered the safe level to the point that California has stricter standards than 90 percent of the nation.

This problem is not only affecting Oak Hills, but will affect water companies across the state.  The water is no less safe to drink than a year ago or five years ago.  The standards have changed.

But that is not newsworthy in Hugo’s world.  He would rather cause hysteria than report the truth.

Now on the site is a closeup photo of a skateboarder who crashed and suffered serious head injuries.  At the worst moment in his life, while being transported on a gurney to an awaiting ambulance, someone thought it was nice to take a closeup shot of him in all his glory, clearly suffering, and putting it on the news site in question along with his name and age.  This kind of yellow journalism is just sickening.

Again, I say, boycott his only real sponsor:  Valley Hi Toyota

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