Harmsen, Swanson, Haugen, and Lugo

There is not much that will get me to post these days but the sudden departure of Nancy Swanson, Linda Haugen, and Virginia Lugo will do just that.  Add to that the recent departure of Sandy Harmsen, and it makes you go “hmm.”

What do these four have in common?  These are the four who have pushed and covered up welfare fraud for decades.  They also completely mishandled their respective responsibilities during the 12-2-2015 massacre.  And at least one of them is responsible for the CFS coverup where many children died.

It would be nice to believe someone is investigating/cleaning things up, but this is San Bernardino County.  More likely, they will ride off into the sunset with their six-figure retirement checks and maybe even return to double dip as consultants.

Gotta love California’s most corrupt county .

One thought on “Harmsen, Swanson, Haugen, and Lugo

  1. Those four had no responsibilities related to December 2, so I guess that makes it easy to attack them. You never miss an opportunity for a cheap shot, do you? You couldn’t cut it in HS, but of course that’s everyone’s fault but your own. As for Harmsen, she’s already been hired back as a consultant, so there!

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