Guest Editorial: Needles City Council

Needles, California

Dear Sharon

After direction from First District, the Needles City Council rejected putting the initiatives on the ballot.
So here goes eighty more signatures and the city pays, (according to the city) $80k for a special election, but oh no! The charter changes have to go in a general election, and getting out of the Lafco process is worse than divorce court….

I wanted to wind it up right away, so during public comment :

” I hate to bother you again, but we really
must discuss this Election……

This Election is all about
Truth, Honor and Courage…

           And I might as well tell you, because
You are going to see the signage,

                 RE-ELECT NO INCUMBENT

            God Bless You”

And God Bless You Sharon

P.S .  1700 word print media nuclear bombshell.
This will make you sick.
IePolitics contributed the sourcing and
deep background (which will be edited out).
iePolitics stock in Indian Country will soon be
at an all time high, first the Siwaavaatz Band
Trust Patent and now this…..

3 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: Needles City Council

  1. Why is any “Guest Editorial” submitted by our brothers and sisters from the far East of the county absolutely undecipherable without a seer stone or a decent Ouija board?

  2. Tim, It is always that way when Mr Buckley writes an article! He is a nut job who has found an outlet.

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