Guest Editorial: Supervisor Bob

Supervisor Bob

Dear Sharon

The veil of secrecy surrounding San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood’s strange, secretive relationship with the Needles Downtown Business Alliance, has finally begun to dissipate.

The NDBA is an illegal trust with many dark secrets.

We are going to reveal your secrets and heal Needles Pain.

We have enjoyed a string of breakthroughs and victories in Needles, just as our opponents have suffered many penetrations and defeats, and Robert Lovingood owes this one to only himself.

Stupid is as Stupid does and Robert Lovingood drove himself to Needles in a San Bernardino County vehicle …… a secret meeting,…….. with the NDBA ……………on a Sunday!    LOL for hours and hours.

Have you no pride man? Have you no shame? Driving a County vehicle to Needles to meet with the NDBA is equivalent to driving to Vegas to a sleazy strip club…….
Or to Corona for a culinary fling in the dry storage…..
Or out on Baseline to the Party Doll….
But on a Sunday? Really?

Robert thought he would be evasive, thought he would be tricky, and drove around the iepolitics field office……..Robert looked very disturbed ……

We inquired with Don Holland: “The Supervisor does not drive a County Car.”  Several hours later a First District staffer actually called back and said “We have no results to that inquiry.”

We inquired with the County Motor pool as to placarding and GPS…..

We have subsequently called for the immediate resignation of First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood.

God Bless You Sharon

P.S. Robert Lovingood, during his entire term as our Supervisor, has carried on an exclusive relationship with the NDBA at the expense of the County and to the detriment of the citizens of Needles.

Robert Lovingood has attended only one Needles City Council Meeting, never spoken and never, ever answered a question, while  during this same timeframe Supervisor Lovingood drove to Needles and attended at least five secret NDBA meetings.

Why the secrecy? What in the world is going on here?

Iepolitics is about to rock…….the biggest issue, our finest hour…….lurid and unfit for publication. Get down on your knees and ask God for forgiveness……

3 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: Supervisor Bob

  1. Needles Desert Star delivered today, Marketplace returns to Santa Fe Park! So your Needles Corespondent will not be a happy! This is all about the Marketplace and You lose!

  2. Iepolitics is a political forum, not a venue for deciet.

    If you cannot comment honestly,( and deciet so easily proven easily proves that you are an idiot) then please spare us your dissociated lies……..and you (one of you) needs to work on your research and composition…….or make it a team effort just like the NDBA!

    Do you have a different version of the Desert Star than everyone else?

    The elimination of the Needles Downtown Business Alliance will be the greatest act of Public Service ever to occur in the East Mojave. And iepolitics gets the blame…….

  3. Well Needles correspondent, I admit I was premature! It’s in this weeks paper.

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