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Students At Risk
In recent weeks the conditions at Fontana Schools have been called into question with Superintendent Boozer at the helm and this problem seems to be trickling down into each school. At Southridge Middle School it is well known by the teachers, parents, and students that the atmosphere at the school has deteriorated to near anarchy with the worst ten percent of the students running wild with no repercussions. Principal Jerry Mullins and Vice Principal Karla Brewer have allowed the gang members and drug dealers to exist on campus without fear of any discipline. These administrators have taken the stance, possibly by direction of the Superintendent, that no students should be suspended or expelled for even the most heinous violations of rules and laws. It is well known by the staff that these principals have confiscated drugs and knives from students and returned the students back to class with just a counseling session. The knives disappear and one can only speculate where the drugs end up.
The one place they are not going is to School Police as it appears to be completely taboo to call them to assist in any matters at Southridge Middle. This is possibly a result of Boozers implementation of the “Restorative Justice” program in the district, well that is the trademarked name that employees are not allowed to use, let’s just call it the “no one gets suspended unless you can’t cover it up” program. This is apparent in the repeated threatening of physical violence against teachers at Southridge, resulting in no suspensions or expulsions. While threats may be one thing, the failure goes even further as one of the most violent students on campus actually punched Principal Mullins but he still remains at school to terrorize both the staff and other students. Whether this particular case is a result of Mullins complete inability to discipline students or a direct edict from the Superintendent we may never know. This comes as no surprise as it is well known that Mullins and Brewer will take discipline referrals written by teachers who witnessed a severe rules violation and after “counseling” the offending student they will rewrite the referral with a lesser violation that would not require suspension. The “counseling sessions” are seen as a joke to the students when they openly laugh and talk about how VP Brewer has her bare feet up on her desk and she works on her bunions while she talks to them. This is also the same Vice Principal that openly calls some of the students “my niggas” when she sees them on campus. They then order the office personnel to enter the altered documents into the computer to officially document the lesser violation. This in turn makes the school look as if discipline is not a problem at the school and that he is following the program of no suspensions set down by Ms. Boozer.
Knowledge of the documents being altered and recreated has been brought up to Mullins by the teachers and instead of addressing the problem on a rational level, the principals became defensive and then attacked the teachers who brought it up. Some of the teachers who spoke out about the problem were involuntarily sent to a training class as punishment. Other teachers without tenure were told they would not be returning to the district because they were not good teachers. Evidently Mullins has no problem being vindictive to teachers who question him in a professional manner but when a student tells him to “F**K OFF!” to his face there is no reason to take any action (yes this happened).
The latest move making Southridge even more unsafe is to reduce the number of Physical Education teachers from five to four. The current class size in PE averages 40-50 students which is already a safety concern as one teacher is expected to “teach” this number of students using implements such as baseball bats and hockey sticks. This number of students is hard to manage for even the best teacher but when the bad students know that there are no consequences for their bad actions when they get sent to the Principals office, the situation becomes potentially deadly. While this size of class is a standard in the Fontana School District, without backup from the administration on discipline problems it is a recipe for disaster. Even if the teachers are able to keep a lid on this pressure cooker, nothing can be done about the 200+ students in the locker rooms at the same time with only 1 teacher to supervise. If 1 of the teachers is off for their preparation period that leaves even more areas unsupervised and the dangers to students increased. The reduction in staff will push class numbers even higher and will put our students at even greater risk without supervision of this area.
Whether Mullins and Brewer’s behavior is from their gross inability to deal with behavior problems or they are acting on orders of Superintendent Boozer, Southridge Middle School and the Fontana School District are UNSAFE for students and teachers. Their inability to keep our children safe by not disciplining the predator students not only threatens our children’s education on a daily basis but also their health and well-being..

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  1. It seems that multiple schools are having issues with behavior and nothing being done. A first grade teacher also said similar things about cover up and destroying paperwork. Is this directed by the superintendent or school board members? Is Boozer trying to destroy the schools so she could close them and then reopen them as charters, her way of getting rid of teachers and union. First tried with the school police, and now maybe this. What about the finances of the district? Isn’t there money issues, budget not aligning etc…and she needs more money to waste!!! But not on the students of Fontana!

    • Yes, she is here to privitize schools, after she drains them dry. We have to come together, the mayor knows, doesnt care. Some of the board cares. Not all. But the laws are not written to do anything but protect super. Ive said this 2 years ago, no one believed me. Boozer thinks we are idiots, and we will never realize what she’s doing. Her boss was fbi indicted, ive contacted fbi. Hopefully they will investigate. Otherwise find a lawyer who wont charge an arm and leg. Read

  2. This is a common theme as public schools are strongly encouraged (threatened with funding) to reduce the suspension and expulsion rate of minority students. This is not isolated to Fontana schools and is happening in many districts. By reducing the rate of suspensions and expulsions, a principal can now proudly proclaim that he/she has “Turned this school around”. Meanwhile, the kids who want to learn are suffering as we cater to the lowest common denominator. It’s another case of the tail wagging the dog as we continue to yield to the small percentage who yell the loudest and pacify them at all cost.

    • Other means of correction is needed and suspension & expulsion isn’t something that should be given out for defiance or disruption but it is still there for violence and safety issues. The drugs, knives, hitting a teacher should be automatic suspension to an extent maybe even expulsion based on the offense no matter what race or gender. It sounds like to me the admin isn’t doing anything and these students know it and when something does happen seriously to another student or a teacher the district and the admin will be held liable and at fault for knowing and ignoring all of these issues. I would say keep all logs, records, and copy all paperwork and keep copies for yourselves so you have proof, you did your jobs and the administrators will be held accountable and responsible for there actions. Police officers are starting to use body cameras for stopping vehicles, maybe teachers should start wearing go pros and teachers can record the issues they are having with students and administrators. TRANPARENCY IS NEEDED!! This may help!!

  3. He is disrespectful! When I asked for extra sped services he yelled at me and said I needed to pay them out of my own pocket. My son came home with multiple bruises on his back and arms. He didn’t protect my child on the playground. He is rude to parents, especially if they work at the district.

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