Fontana PD chief’s departure halts potential votes of no confidence

Fontana City Hall

When Fontana City Manager, Ken Hunt, forced the city’s police chief, Rod Jones, into an early retirement on January 21, both Fontana police unions were able to halt any plans they may have had to conduct a vote of no confidence against the chief.  Due to a history of concerns regarding the chief’s integrity, insiders say the unions were each planning a vote of no confidence because they did not believe the city manager would take appropriate action on information collected during a recent personnel action.

In his correspondence to the mayor and city council, Hunt wrote, “I wanted to inform you that I have decided to terminate the employment of Police Chief Rod Jones.  In accordance with the term of his agreement I will be paying Chief Jones his severance amount as a result.”

In the city of Fontana, the city manager is responsible for overseeing all departments.  According to Section 2-72 of the Fontana Municipal Code, “The city manager is also responsible for general policy supervisions of the public safety functions and primary liaison between these departments and the city council.”  In an effort to keep politics out of the police department, the city council placed the responsibility of overseeing the chief of police back with the city manager in 2014 after several situations occurred.

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