Ding dong the witch is gone


We can only hope somewhere along the line the feds catch up with her and throw her butt in federal prison where it belongs.

Maybe someone can answer this.  Does Matt’s wife still work for the CAO?  If so, they’ve certainly lowered the dress standards up there.

Sandy was so about appearance and had a thing about overweight employees.  It’s nice to see her two perfect daughters looking fat and slovenly.

And for anyone who thinks I’m being mean, you have no idea what a vicious bitch she is and how many lives she tried to ruin up to and including several employees attempting suicide.  May she have the retirement she deserves–hopefully eventually behind bars.

8 thoughts on “Ding dong the witch is gone

  1. Jessica Brown hasn’t worked for the county for quite some time. And as for her “looking fat and slovenly”, she happens to be about eight months pregnant. Now who’s the bigger witch, Sandy or Sharon? Publicly attacking someone’s children hardly makes you seem any better than anything some cowardly, disgruntled, failed ex-employees might have said about her..

  2. You have been very quiet lately, I hope all is well with you and whatever is keeping you busy is a good thing!

  3. Oh, did you take care of YOUR weight problem, Sharon? You must have, otherwise you wouldn’t be picking on anyone else.

  4. I can only hope that what goes around will come around to “the witch” in my lifetime. She has ruined the careers and mental health of many County employees. After an early retirement, it took me nearly two years to totally resume normal activities. Her twisted Christianity was a disgrace to the citizens of this County, her leadership was without an formal education and a travesty, and her paranoia was proven by her choice of staff and policy implementation! But, when you have sold your soul and are willing to do anything to keep your position, you do not have to be just, impartial and truly desire to help the disenfranchised. Because you are protected. YUCK! Yeah, the feds will find you…you will get yours…

  5. If not in this life time…. Guarantee without a doubt his will be Done! It’s incredibly heart breaking what my country is becoming. The equality for free will and to be equal to one another. That only those who can afford or who are connected to the right person’s position have the right (away) to justice.

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