Commentary: The tale of three gentlemen and a vulgarian

Three gentlemen

It is said that a person’s true character comes through not when he is in public view but when he thinks no one is watching.  These days it seems many of those who live the majority of their lives in the public eye no longer care about how they are perceived even in public.

Manners, decorum, grace under fire, honor, integrity, civility, and honesty are all traits that are less valued by some segments of our society these days.  Celebrities, politicians, and others almost relish the shock value in their bad behavior.  All publicity is good publicity as long as the name is spelled correctly.

Those of us who are baby boomers and older often long for the days when a man’s word meant something; when those in the public eye cared about appearances; and when integrity was considered absolute, not situational.  We are told it is a “new world” and we need to get used to it.

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