I was notified today that a subpoena is on its way.  Whether it’s real or another Rex Gutierrez situation remains to be seen but I will not be writing about the subject.

I shall leave the writing–and witness intimidation and jury tampering to those who do it best.

Speaking of whom, most of you probably know the deputy who killed himself was the deputy Holtz arrested.  I believe that was about the final straw for Kenny’s career.

I wonder how Kenny is feeling now.  We all make choices in life.  We can choose to give a helping hand or we can choose to pile on.  As someone said to me on Facebook, the deputy was failed by SEBA and every other deputy in the department.  I would add department brass as well.  Just makes me sick.


Anyway, Colonies is now an off limits subject here.



Erwin & Holtz, LLC

Erwin & Holtz, LLC

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