72 Days on the Beach is now 97 Days on the Beach

San Bernardino County Sheriff

Although I no longer cover much in terms of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department personnel issues, this one is just too amazing not to mention it.  Besides 72 Days on the Beach was practically a legend on this blog in the days gone by so I felt the readers deserved an update.

What did he do this time?  Well, he is now a lieutenant, which is amazing in the first place.  He decided to manhandle a female subordinate and she was not too happy about it.  She filed a report and it was sent to the District Attorney’s office for potential criminal charges.  The DA did not file.  But he got 25 days off as part of the Internal Affairs investigation.  However, once time is served he gets to go back to his position with his lieutenant bars intact.  Amazing.  Just amazing.

Now compare this to Jason Barrios, who has been fired again.  This time it was for touching a female deputy–not nearly to the extent to which 97 Days on the Beach manhandled a female subordinate.  In Barrios’ case, it was caught on tape.  It was sent to the DA and the reviewing DDA said they could not see anywhere in the video where he touched the female deputy.  However, the IA investigator claims it is there.  I guess the IA investigator is the only one who can see it with his super-duper X-ray vision.  So the DA did not file but the department fired Barrios.

I’ve written more than once that I really like Sheriff McMahon.  But to me his weakness is personnel matters.  He needs to clean up how things are done and all of the favoritism.  Until he does, he is going to find the lawsuits and outside investigations are going to continue.  If anything takes him down, it will be the favoritism.  And that’s too bad.

As a footnote to this story, I’m told that 97 Days on the Beach is on 4850 time because this whole thing has stressed him out.  Really?

And as a second footnote, I wonder if 97 days on the beach is an all-time county record?

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  1. The problem is that favoritism is how McMahon probably got his job to begin with. McMahon was in the bag as the next Sheriff when Hoops was still there(so they say…) This is not to say that he isn’t qualified, sometimes the favorites system works after all(just not with Hoops, in my opinion). It will take a lot to change that system, and who knows what skeletons that could rattle. My guess from observation is that Cusimano is next up. And I am not on the inside so I really should not be able to think that but the system is getting so obvious it doesn’t take much to see the writing…. If not next than soon. Anyway, though I know it does become a circus and a lot of work for you, covering the Sheriff’s Department really is a big piece of the puzzle.

  2. Don’t forget Emmons shot a deputy with a taser screwing around and that was covered up. Emmons is a dick and there is a lot more he has gotten away with because he is a rat. Emmons has a black book and has for years. Rumor is he showed it to McMahon. Whatever is in there some body doesn’t want anything going public. The Barros and Emmons case shows you how screwed up SBSD is. Just one of many cases. Hope that female sues the hell out of the Sheriff.

  3. I understand that there are those who want me to return to the days of bashing SBSD. Things have changed with SBSD and things have changed with me. I like things just the way they are.

    As I said above, I think Sheriff McMahon is a good sheriff. My beef with him is with personnel matters. Those will either catch up with him or they won’t. Nothing I write here is going to make the FBI do anything differently. And the same goes for the other blog.

    Neither Jim or I have a direct line into investigators at the FBI and to suggest that Erwin somehow does is silly. If the FBI finds that McMahon has abused his power and authority, then so be it. I want to see every dirty cop go down and I will fully support what the FBI does. Until that time, I am giving McMahon the benefit of the doubt.

    As I wrote during the election, if you want the perfect sheriff, then you need to recruit Jesus Christ himself to run for this office. Otherwise you are going to have a mere fallible mortal who is capable of making mistakes when running the department.

    When you look at the five previous sheriffs–Bland, Tidwell, Williams, Penrod and Hoops–there were a lot of issues, many of which could be traced back to the fact there wasn’t one of them (possibly Williams excluded as I don’t remember) who could keep themselves zipped up around a willing female. With McMahon I believe we have a genuinely Godly man who actually believes in his marriage vows, the single most important commitment he could make. I’ve stated many times that when a politician or elected officials cannot keep the most sacred of commitments, then we have no reason he/she will keep their commitment to the voters. And if he is cheating on Michelle, then I hope he goes down, but that is one thing I have never heard about him.

    I still get lots of tips about things going on in the Sheriff’s Department. Other than a couple, I have not put them on this blog for several reasons: I’m happy with the current sheriff; I believe federal investigators need to be allowed to do their job before making assumptions; I believe our POTUS has single-handedly made cops’ jobs so much harder in the last year and they need our support, not our wrath unless truly warranted; and, finally, those tips also include good things McMahon has done in the realm of personnel matters that I’m not going to share either.

    Along the lines of the last item, Cusimano was being groomed to be the next sheriff. Rumor has it that is no longer the case. Apparently, the swinging/bisexual partner swapping rumors are more than just rumors. I’ve heard there is a lot of dissension in the Executive Office over what Cusimano is doing (sex and other things as well). Rumor has it that it is not going over well with McMahon. I was given the name of the new person being groomed to replace McMahon but can’t for the life of me remember who it was as it was not a name I’m particularly familiar with. I will have to ask my source again. Maybe I will print it and maybe I will not.

    While I’m at it, I want to address one more thing. Drysdale (aka Paul Schrader because yes, Paul, we see your hits from the Los Angeles County Shieriff’s Department computers, and those of us who have had to put up with your crap for so long know your writing style well) is critical of the shooting from 40 King the other day. Schrader, we know how often you lay your life on the line to protect the community.

    Schrader you only wish you had the marksmanship (didn’t you get “shot” on the shooting range) and bravery that those deputies in that helicopter had. They likely saved lives and they did it with heroic measures. I can only imagine the amount of training it takes to do that, both flying skill and marksmanship. The keyboard warrior that you are can continue to sit in your park office and tell everyone what bad cops they are. The rest of us appreciate their efforts. I hope they win an award for what they did.

    • Good, Cusimano can get what he deserves. Maybe McMahon will hand off to someone worthy of the job. But as long as creeps get promoted for being creeps, nothing will change. That is why reporting this stuff is still of value. The truth is not “bashing”. If people don’t like the truth than they need to change their behavior.

  4. I totally agree with Admin regarding the 40 King incident. It was the right decision to make and it saved many lives. If you closely watch the tape, the suspect’s car slows down before he jumps out. It then continues on and crashes into the other vehicle.

    I drive in the Cajon madness daily and with the additional nightmare of the Bypass Lane there is no way that the 15S traffic could have been stopped/diverted safely. Once you’re in that lane there is no way out until the lane ends!

    I shudder to think of the MCI that could have and would have happened if the suspect was not stopped. Thank You to the Deputies for their Courage, Stamina, Steady Finger and Keen Eyesight……..you saved many innocent lives that day!

    • Sharon I sure don’t see the McMahon is a good sheriff with any specifics having been mentioned here or any where else. It starts with his false tags and goes downhill from there. Not giving a retired detective his retirement ccw for high blood pressure. What he has done to other employees. If he has a zipper problem it would just add to the ugly list. That’s fine you don’t bash him don’t suggest he is a good dude. Please list his stellar accomplishments by all means. Don’t be a Trump.

  5. Administrator,

    McMahon is handcuffed by AB 301, which accords peace officers specific rights causing the termination process to be arduous. Further, he’s bound by deputies’ MOU.

    Workers’ comp insurance fraud is a crime. If deputies are abusing 4850, they ought to be fired, arrested, and prosecuted.

    McMahon biggest problem is desirable law enforcement candidates won’t work for SBSD. They can choose agencies for which they want to work. The result is McMahon is forced to hire candidates that cannot secure employment with other agencies. In essence, he gets leftovers.

    I’d love to know what percent of SBSD deputies have graduated from traditional brick & mortar universities; not online outfits or accelerated programs, actual colleges and universities where deputies had to sit inside of real classrooms. I’ll guess that less than 5% of deputies have. In computer science, it’s known as garbage in, garbage out.

    Were you to take a look at most desirable agencies for which to work, you’d find that most cops they employ are graduates of brick & mortal colleges. While a degree is not required for an entry level law enforcement position, a candidate applying to such an agency w/o one would compete against a whole lot that have them.

    McMahon has be be accorded ability to terminate malfeasant deputies. This process must be streamlined. Deputies accused of crimes where probable cause to arrest attaches must be denied paid admin leave. The county must give the sheriff necessary funds so that he can offer highest salaries in the country. That way, he can attract better candidates that actually know what the heck they’re doing.

    • Please cite a recent case of McMahon being compromised because of AB 301 or any other written law?

      And please cite the MOU that makes the Sheriffs job difficult in dealing with malfeasance? Please include the Peace Officers Bill of Rights if that assists you.

      SBSD’s violating well established law has been the theme of many recent cases which have been clearly exposed by several people in great detail.

      You must have missed the recent departure of long time County Counsel lawyer representative of SBSD Cynthia O’Neal. She left because she was tired of defending illegal conduct by SBSD administrators. Falsified documents are among some of those very issues. The perjury issues are glaring!

      Second, SEBA FINALLY allowing other law firms to represent members after repeated failures of the law firm of Silver, Hadden, Silver and Wexler to bring out violations of various laws that protect cops in a aggressive manner.

      We know that to be true when the law firm of LDME took over as SEBA’s primary law firm for a short time and exposed the non-sense in a variety of ways with little effort.

      Many of those cases were exposed by folks who didn’t have a degree in public administration.

      And by all means PLEASE show us where being placed on paid administrative leave is ANY part of AB 301 or any other law?

      Paid or unpaid leave is CLEARLY up to the discretion of the agency.

      We just read where a Deputy was arrested and booked and made to post $50k bail for sexual misconduct with a inmate worker.

      Now if Sheriff McMahon did all that then put the Deputy on paid leave pending termination, that’s on HIM.

      So give us some specifics on cases around here that support your GENERAL theory?

      Seems many of these issue surround common sense, not a degree from Harvard!

  6. I think that is one thing we will surely agree on. There is no doubt that when personnel matters are involved he is a slow learner with a steep curve. You may also agree that his “go to” people or those he believes as if they spoke the Gospel are not the brightest crayons in the box.

  7. #11 from the guy who writes phantom citations and claims “others do it” and uses FMLA as an excuse to be lazy.

    • Case in point…… You believe that fairy tale, then you have to believe that McMahon, rather than fire ” the guy who writes phantom citations and claims “others do it” and uses FMLA as an excuse to be lazy” uses tax payers money as a token of his appreciation for said performance.

      As with most un-informed people who fail to look into something that doesn’t sound right, you too are not much of an intellect. Let me help you. If what you say were true, McMahon should have followed well established case law.

      ” If an employer terminates an employee for a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason, such as a violation of company policy, it will not be a violation of the FMLA. (Gambini v. Total Renal Care, Inc. (2007) 486 F.3d 1087.)”

      Shocker that didn’t happen. Cake or Ice Cream?

  8. The Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights:


    Cops can only be fired in a manner consistent with AB 301. This is a double edged sword. While it can protect good cops from malicious terminations, it can also compel agencies to adhere to onerous burdens in order to terminate malfeasant cops.

    There are many case decisions delineating how this codes apply. You can find them on Google. I believe that AB 301 applies to at-will law enforcement employees.

    Further, MOU’s are binding contracts. For instance, 4850 used to be a negotiated item. I’m sure it still is.

    All law enforcement agencies must make available to the public their procedures for investigating cops accused of crimes and cops accused of violating policies.

    • That’s your belief based on your research. Ok!

      You assume that has hampered the Sheriff HERE and it hasn’t. You didn’t cite any cases HERE that would support your commentary.

      If anything is certain SBSD administrators have ignored/violated certain aspects of cops rights during their investigations of administrative or criminal matters where they have committed crimes and violated their own policy in targeting certain employees both sworn and non sworn.

      ALL LE agencies MUST have a PROCEDURE in place to investigate CITIZENS complaints. SBSD does and always has.

      So if you wish to educated the masses or refute procedures then you need specifics on what actually goes on HERE.

      You mention 4850! Most are well aware of that, and the County does employ both private investigators and cops to go out and put people under surveillance to verify certain claims.

      Anything else you would like to inform everyone of?

  9. Poster 12 is all over it. Blasé was not only lazy, he was felony stupid. He was a poor excuse for a cop. While I feel sorry for him because of his mother’s illness, he had obligation to his agency and duty to citizens he was commissioned to protect. He failed at both. And all he could come up with were excuses. I knew cops suffering cancer and others who had family members suffering from it, some of whom have ascended to heaven, and not a single one used their illnesses or family members’ illnesses as excuse for malfeasance. Blasé is the first and only one to have had to resort to blaming illness for malfeasance. Blasé is very lucky that he was not booked for feeling perjury. In essence, he was every bit the dirt bag he was hired to arrest.

    Holtz suffers from organic brain damage. How he was able to dupe SBSD into hiring him is one of the most protected secrets of that agency. If you guys knew half of what other deputies thought of him, you’d be dumbfounded.

    It’s no wonder that Holtz and Blasé run together. They are two of a kind: worthless. Blasé is so stupid that he doesn’t not know how to correctly spell is moniker. Holtz’s organic brain damage has left him violent and prone to fighting when his lack of cranial function is revealed.

    Google Travis Bauer San Bernardino County Sheriff for pleadings filed under penalty of perjury for information about his gross malfeasance, nonfeasance, and misfeasance. He should have been booked for violation of California Penal Code Section 118.1:

    “Every peace officer who files any report with the agency
    which employs him or her regarding the commission of any crime or any
    investigation of any crime, if he or she knowingly and intentionally
    makes any statement regarding any material matter in the report
    which the officer knows to be false, whether or not the statement is
    certified or otherwise expressly reported as true, is guilty of
    filing a false report punishable by imprisonment in the county jail
    for up to one year, or in the state prison for one, two, or three
    years. This section shall not apply to the contents of any statement
    which the peace officer attributes in the report to any other person.”

    Travis is not much more than a dirt bag that other cops arrest. A commitment to county would humble him.

    Holtz is a liar, which could be a symptom of his mental illness. He exhibits classic symptoms of schizophrenia, including acute paranoia. Regardless, his hiring has to be one of SBSD’s more regrettable mistakes.

    The bottom line is that in the cases of Holtz & Bauer, the sheriff was confronted with onerous provisions of AB 301 in purging his agency of two dirt bags that should have never been hired. They should have been booked.

    Holtz, if you keep threatening others with physical harm, eventually the outcome will go very badly for you. Just a word to the wise. While I am unaware of federal law, I’d go with uttering threats via the Internet as a federal crime. Unless you seek psychiatric treatment, you might find yourself confined within a federal prison.

    Again, but for AB 301, the sheriff would have been able to purge both of you without committing considerable taxpayer resources.

    On another note, I have heard the McMahon is working within the constraints of AB 301 to purge his agency of deputies that should have never been hired. If this is in fact correct, I wish him all the luck in the world. Good cops do not want to work with the Holtzes and Bauers of law enforcement.

  10. Holtz,

    All law enforcement policies & procedures must be available for public purview. The only secrets in a law enforcement agency are sworn personnel files and ongoing criminal investigations. But then again, knowledge does have a way of eluding you.

  11. Blasé I wonder if this individual calling you the phantom citation writer is even aware that these phantom citations completely disappeared from the station files for awhile before they suddendly reappeared?

    Do they know the person handling those citations is the same person who prepared a memo and put someone else’s name on it to help bolster their sorry narrative?

    Phantom ticket writers should be prosecuted for preparing false official documents and forgery at minimum.

    Those who believe that should also proceed to Federal Court and allow a jury in the civil proceedings to agree with your narrative.

    Unfortunately when your previous sworn testimony in a civil service hearing and deposition is full of obvious lies and contradictions which is finally verified by several thousand emails what BRAVE cop want to take the chance of being charged with perjury by a Federal Judge?

    I know lets blame all that on POBR, AB 301 and throw in 4850 that really caused all this.

  12. Blasé,

    You are the only law enforcement officer, both current and fired, that I have ever known to use his mother’s illness as excuse to attempt to escape discipline for malfeasance. I have known cops who have suffered cancer who have continued to work. Not a one used his illness as excuse. I have known cops who have had family members who have suffered serious illnesses including cancer. Not a one used their family members’ illness as excuses. You and you alone own that dishonor.

    The point is the sheriff should have been able to fire you for gross malfeasance, nonfeasance, and misfeasance without having to endure the onerous obstacles of AB 301. You were in over your head and sinking when you were hired. You’re so stupid that you have no clue of how to spell your moniker. Anyway, getting rid of your dead weight probably cost taxpayers well over a mil. In the end, you were bought on the cheap. Back salary awarded in civil cases is subjected to income tax. So you award for malfeasance was reduced substantially. Finding another dupe to hire you will be most difficult because the chronicle of your malfeasance is all over the ‘net. Your vast real estate empire consisting of holdings of dilapidated shacks must be close to upside down, if they’re not already underwater. In short, you can’t be far from BK.

    Blasé, you lacked ability to become a law enforcement officer. Bullying isn’t a trait of a professional law enforcement officer. Once the sheriff recognized the horrendous mistake of swearing you in, he ought to have been able to fire you as easily as deleting you from his roster of sworn personnel.

    Finally, Blasé , you’re a dirt bag. You’ve committed felonies when you submitted perjured documents as per California Penal Code Section 118.1. You should have been booked, tried, and sentenced.

    Blasé, your fellow deputies wanted you gone. You had no friends within the department when you most needed them. No one wanted to work with you once your lying became known. As ALL cops know, not much is more worthless than a lying cop, except maybe an abjectly stupid lying cop.

    • Tom, we haven’t forgotten your original debut here. We haven’t forgotten your very long rants about incompetent SBSD and ALL their employees. And of course your arguing with any and every past or present sheriffs employee.

      Some of us do understand your annoyance with Blasé for finding your vexatious litigant statues and posting it. Your pissed at me for telling everyone who you are.

      If you were as competent and smart and a BRAVE former LE as you would like some think you wouldn’t be doing what your doing. You have attacked those who have used their real name who vouched for me and Blasé.

      So now we see various screen names, different narratives but basically the same rant.

      You know Blasé about as well as we know your ex-wife.

      Your to foolish to realize Blasé exposed the VERY incompetence that you originally ranted about. Freakin DUH!

      The obvious difference between you and him is he was specific and supported his comments with more than a few documents and you just keep running your yap telling everyone what should of been.

      Your so desperate to try and prove something you lower yourself to using someone’s
      REAL name which is a CRIME in itself to post up the same stupid crap.

      In fact I quit using my ACU screen name, started using my real name because YOU used my screen name more than once to try and be a funny guy.

    • LOL, I am sooooooo lucky you weren’t running things. I mean its just amazing that someone like me, as you describe, was able to fool all of the agencies I worked at and come out ahead. Thanks for pointing that out.

      Too bad however your wrong as usual. I am still in Law Enforcement bud, sorry to disappoint you. Its clear how you became the Vexatious litigant that you are. So far off base there’s nothing else to do with you. As Mills would say, God Bless!!

  13. Uh Mr. Scalise NO ONE mentioned personnel files in this discussion.

    Yes upon request said procedures are available. Your point in bringing up something that wasn’t in the original comments?

  14. Holtz,

    You’re delusional. It’s a symptom of your schizophrenia. Everybody’s out to get poor Kenny.

    You keep guessing & eventually you might get it right.

    You should’ve gone to anger management. You’d of been fired anyway, but at least you would have received treatment.

    You have threatened many posters. You might want to consult with a good civil and criminal lawyer. Each, if they’re top quality, will run you about five hundred bucks for an hour of their time. You have repeatedly alleged that one poster is an alcoholic, yet while I might disagree with some of this posts, he has always been lucid. You have not. Anyway, because you have threatened him and many others on a public forum, I’d expect him to protect himself from you. Depending upon his physical condition, your punching him could be construed as deadly force. He is accorded by law with ability to protect himself from your well-established reckless aggression.

    BTW, if you know California Penal Codes 692, 693, and 694, you’d know that Mills can prevent you from harming him. Since you’ve already threatened him numerous times, the law accords him ability to prevent your harming him assuming you presented a credible threat to him. In other words, he does not have to give you a free shot at hime before he takes action reasonable, necessary, and sufficient to prevent you from harming him.

    This is why posters desire to remain anonymous. No one wants to be stalked and battered by you or worse, forced to protect himself & family from your reckless aggression.

    • Ok Tom why don’t you and others get that done. Shit I’ve been waiting a LONG time.

      When you get that police report number post it up. I am sure it will impress some.

      Give me credit for using my real name because it does save some time in trying to find things out.

      A few taxpayers dollars saved.

      Maybe we can set a legal precedent in the anonymous, screen name victim who was abused by Kenny Holtz!

      Would love to see the DDA explain that to a jury.

      The DDA just has to explain that one is allowed to give whatever they wish and receive nothing in return.

      Of course we know you already knew that.

      Thank you for the hourly rates on attorneys. You would know.

    • Dang Tom did you put up this type of fight with your Ex? I have to ask who is more of a PITA, me, Blasé or the wife?

      Or was your fighting crime on the beaches of Laguna Nigel ruffer than Iwo Jima?

  15. Blasé = Bauer

    Bauer was subsequently placed on a six-week performance-improvement plan, which he reportedly failed. He was then fired.

    Ornelas, under McMahon’s consent, redacted or removed references to Bauer’s absences under the Family Medical Leave Act from documents supporting his termination, according to the lawsuit.

    The county countered Bauer’s allegations in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed in May, alleging that Bauer falsified numerous traffic warning citations while on his performance-improvement plan in an effort to inflate his productivity.

    In 2009 and 2010, Bauer, according to the county’s motion, took only 12 reports, issued one citation and made no arrests.

    Of the dozen reports taken, only two were initiated by Bauer while the others were assigned by dispatch, the county alleged.

    Bauer frequently did not show up for his partners’ calls and traffic stops to provide assistance and had shown himself as “busy” when calls were holding, according to the county.

    Sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Bachman declined to comment, citing the ongoing litigation.

    Taken from: http://www.sbsun.com/general-news/20130731/fired-san-bernardino-county-sheriffs-deputy-alleging-wrongful-termination

  16. More than eight years ago, Holtz was first charged with alleged misconduct in the performance of his duties, specifically a verbal altercation with a prison cook. In October 2001, based on this incident and others, Holtz and the sheriff’s department entered into a five-year “Last Chance Agreement” to resolve the related disciplinary actions in lieu of immediate termination. Under the agreement, Holtz agreed to complete an anger management course and not to violate department policy. Examples of misconduct included “Acts . . . which are discourteous, intimidating, harassing, derogatory, or disrespectful.”

    In July 2006, the sheriff notified Holtz he was being terminated for violating the agreement based on three incidents occurring in January and February 2006 and other earlier incidents from 2000, 2001, and 2004. In January 2006, Holtz had not complied with Sergeant Lackman’s request for a department videotape and behaved with disrespect and discourtesy, speaking in a “loud, confrontational, and challenging manner.” In February 2006, Holtz jabbed his finger against Deputy Joshua Conley’s chest and threatened, in effect, “`Mother fucker, I’m putting you on notice'” and “`that’s right, I’m touching you.'” Holtz also poked a finger at Deputy Kevin Warner, referred to his “`combat'” and “`lawsuit’ experience,” and warned he was “coming at [Warner] `like a man’ and not a `mangina.'”2 The 2006 incidents apparently involved Holtz having arrested a fellow deputy for driving while intoxicated.

    Taken from here: http://www.leagle.com/decision/In%20CACO%2020090915039/COUNTY%20OF%20SAN%20BERNARDINO%20v.%20CIVIL%20SERVICE%20COMMISSION%20OF%20COUNTY%20OF%20SAN%20BERNARDINO

    • Tom you don’t have any transcripts or depositions in Bauers incident or mine do you?

      You fail to mention that the County filed 3 motions in Federal Court trying to get Bauers case dismissed and each one was denied.

      You also fail to mention the County withheld EXCULPATORY emails from Bauer in violation of both the Federal Judges and Civil Service Hearing officers DIRECT orders to produce ALL emails related to Bauer.

      The County was a hair close to being sanctioned. The County produced 5,000 emails FINALLY!

      Unfortunately for Sheriff McMahon and his half a dozen lock step minions they had already testified under oath or had been deposed under oath.

      My oh my what those emails said in contradiction to sworn testimony.

      When McMahon and his loyal follower Captain Mark Maranati were confronted about these contradiction it was nothing less than a dismal attempt to fend off down the road PERJURY charges in Federal Court if it went that far.

      So Bauers Lawyer made it clear to the Sheriff he would again be called to the stand to explain more of these emails and those PHANTOM citations.

      It was only a couple hours AFTER McMahon got off the witness stand that lawyers for the County called Bauers lawyer wanting to mediate a settlement.

      I never thought the Sheriff would be dumb enough to go into Federal Court and roll the dice on all that seedy testimony.

      Federal Court trial was ONLY a couple weeks away.

      And John McMahon has YET to make his bones in a PUBLIC courtroom.

      So James Mills narrative is as about as FALSE as it could possibly be.

      BUT Bauers case is NOT the only one where the Sheriff folded just before he would have to prove his creative charges against someone!

      This list is growing.

      If you can’t sense some of that might be the case with Mr. 97 days on the beach then keep screwing with Travis based solely on the BS article here and see what happens. I could see Travis making a libel case.

      Hmm Bauer took on McMahon and his not so bright minions but should fear Tom Scalise and James Mills?

      I think not.

  17. As we can see, Holtz and Bauer were two lops who fell through cracks and into SBSD jobs for which they were insufficiently equipped. They are more dirt bag than the birth bags they were afraid to arrest. C’mob Travy, no arrests in two years? Really? you coulda arrested yourself for California Penal Code Section 118.1, a felony. We already knew that you were a dirt bag. Making it official, well, we didn’t need to make what was ecumenical official.

  18. LOL Tom when you contact the po-po regarding our previous comments make sure you hand them your golden nugget of your mass of evidence.

    Your missing about a 1,000 pages of documents on my case and several thousands on Bauer.

    Guess you didn’t bother to read the above story here on how things work within. It’s clear SBSD isn’t overly concerned about supervisors assaulting subordinates. Especially if they have a BLACK BOOK on their bosses.

    Like I said you have to over come your vexatious litigant status if you hope to score any real points.

    Like a convicted liar attempting to convince others they are not lying now.

    If you want to claim victim status you would have to explain to the jury why you kept throwing rocks and not expecting a response. GOOD LUCK.

    Please file your report in the Victorville area so we might appear before one of those Judges who already know you. That would be FUN!

    Keep after it medicated one.

  19. LMAO, Tom you know what is truly sad, you want people to believe so badly that you we’re one of the best law enforcement has ever known, yet you post what you post which indicates you believe it to be true. You should work for County Counsel, Surely since your among the elite, you could have won the case for the county. Your so “Joe Bob bitchin” you could have ensured that all the evidence proving otherwise to the Counties Position (the false claims you post) would have been quashed.

    However, we all know this narrative isn’t possible. If there was even the slightest chance you had the ability to win anything, surely you would not find yourself black listed by the courts. Conversely, despite all of your feeble attempts, you will never be able to get past the fact I have done the very thing you will never be able to do, WIN.

    I encourage folks reading this to watch this video. It will provide some insight on our friend and internet attorney Tom (aka Broke Back Texas Cowboy). Hank Johnson is one of the most brilliant minds in Congress which is why Broke Back Tom here admires him so.

  20. Tom, you think you can convince your mentor that Guam won’t Capsize and Flip over? The County and it’s logic was represented by your buddy Hank Johnson. Everyone with ALL of the evidence in my case, with the exception of you, had the same exact looks on their face. Getting the picture?

    May you find some peace. Thank you for all of your support.

  21. OMG don’t care who you are, that was hilarious. LMAO.

    Tom as you continue with your “jihad” on me and Travis you should start to recruit your “A” team in order to strengthen your position.

    Hopefully they won’t be like the man depicted in the video!

    But I will say this before GOD and a polygraph examiner, THAT is exactly how you sounded BOTH times I talked to you on the phone. EXACTLY!

    When you spent your days writing parking tickets riding your 3 wheeler Cushman for the City of Laguna Nigel and hanging around OCSD personnel you didn’t pick up any wit did you?

    Now change your screen name son cause you ain’t no BULL riding cowboy.

  22. Hey Urban Cowboy- Did you even read the post? Not a single comment on the post from you. Just an attack on people with an opinion about the post. Don’t they call people like you a “troll”?

    • Actually the Bull rider did comment with one of his many AKA’s in his diatribe on McMahon being handcuffed. AB310, 4850 etc.

      • Actually, the Cowboy did not. That poster was Anonymous. Cowboy launched into a rant about you and Blase’. I am guessing you must recognize his rants.

  23. Here is the bottom line. Travis was hired as a deputy. He managed for a time and actually did a decent job. He then fell be the wayside and became a lop. He got burned out and didn’t do a thing. He would barely answer his calls he was assigned to.

    The county noticed these defencies. He then used his mothers illness as an excuse not to work. Yes, anybody at SBSD would honor a fellow deputies right to support a loved one that was injured. But those who know Travis know specifically that he did not! He would say he was helping his mother but others knew different!!!

    He continued this for months. He would utilize the system that was developed to help those in need and would abuse it. He would not work. He would not produce. Instead he would write tickets to parked cars and claim they were “warnings” to the registered owner just to increase production of a deputy that was lazy as hell!!

    Well they fired him! Travis was lazy and was not being the deputy he was hired to be. So what did he do? He sued. He claimed his sick mom was the reason for his incompantance. Ok…maybe she was. But no excuse. Man up Travis. Be a deputy sheriff!!!

    He won a settlement equivalent to about 9 years of service. That was a blessing to the county! He was gone and no longer a liability! Well worth getting rid of the guy!

    • James Mills, since you seem to be so in the know, why don’t you comment on the original post? Tell us about that guy and that situation please.

  24. Hey James Mills- you too, did you read the post?? It seems to me that the problem in covering the department is not with the disgruntled, it is with the defenders of the department. The disgruntled seem to have a better time staying on point. The defenders go on the attack. They attack the messenger, not the message, you know what they say about that….

  25. Hey Travie & Holtz,

    Is that Tom dude you keep referring to the brother of the the attorney appointed to represent your homeboy, Mark Kirk of the Colony scandal? That’s what I was told. Maybe you ought to check with your homeboy.

    Mills, neither Holtz nor Bauer were cop material. Neither should have ever been hired. Both were lops. Both are liars. Bauer was going to be fired regardless of his mother’s illness. Holtz was on the way out because he had created a hostile working environment.

    There was a reason why neither Holtz not Bauer has a friend at SBSD.

    Didi Bauer post that he’s back in law enforcement? Is he a George Zimmerman community watch block captain?

    • Do give us specifics if you can on the liar lop part. A good incident with as much detail if you can.

      I have $500 bucks says you can’t produce a document mentioning either the lop or liar part.

      And do tell about the hostile work environment? Somebody got picked on without provocation or something?

      Maybe you can tell us about the above incident?

      You made a butt load of general comments now back them up?

  26. Yes Travis is back in “law enforcement.” His call sign is “doggie5” in mall security work. No law enforcement agency that hires any competent people would ever hire Travis. Yes, he may be working law enforcement but I can absolutely unequivocally say that it’s either private security or some Indian tribal police. Please Travis, prove me wrong!! Please tell us all. Lol. Thought not!

  27. Hey Travis and Kenny.

    Tom knows that you’ve libeled him on this and another forum. He’s not quite sure what he’s going to do if anything. He knows that you two are worthless lops who disgraced law enforcement, But Kenny’s lies are over the top. Kenny, if you’re half the man you think you are (Real men don’t point rifles at kids on motorcycles.), leave your phone number. Don’t run off like the coward that you are.

    I’ve told Tom that you will run and hide because you are and have always been a coward. Prove that you’re not and leave your number.

    • Sorry I missed this comment. Damn!

      By all means tell us about me pointing a gun at a motorcyclist?

      Damn where was the prosecution of this heinous unprovoked incident? A violation of Penal Code 417?

      For sure immediate termination if not prosecution! Another missed opportunity?

      I’ll give you a $1.000 bones if you can produce a report or document showing that happened.

      You were told by whom this happened?

  28. Travis, You are aware that extremism is logical fallacy used only by those incapable of positing valid rejoinder, are you not?

    Tell me, lop, what is the absolute best evidence to prove guilt. Can you figure it out?

    Whatever you do, refrain from two simultaneous thoughts. That way you’ll be less prone to suffering a concussion.

    • Scalise your not fooling anyone with your pathetic screen name changes. Your a puss that simple.

  29. Mills,

    Coming from a guy who was just crying like a little girl when you thought I was Drysdale kicking your ass up and down the other blog, I find you chiming in truly pathetic. You have already proven you can’t take what you can dish. If what you say it true, then you would be the richest employee to ever have worked at SBSD. I mean I would love to know what they paid you to go away. There hasn’t been another supervisor truly as worthless, lazy, and inept as you. If I got just south of a mil to be lazy, I can only imagine what you got.

    But everyone knows your theory doesn’t ring true. SBSD doesn’t pay useless employees to go away. That can’t be any more clear than when someone see’s that hole you live in. No truly self-respecting individual would open their trap when they live in such a trailer. Sad when all that ass sucking you did got you nothing in return. Your life is reflective of your career. Don’t feel alone. Hope didn’t forget about just you, that’s why you and Broke Back relate so well.

    Its former and current SBSD supervisors like you that give such a great department a bad name. If you think PAYING a lazy employee to go away is cost effective then you show how truly stupid you are. Why not just fire me? There is no law or rule or provision that allows a useless, lazy, and lying employee to retain his job when termination is appropriate. Feel free to provide proof that an agency can’t fire an employee for cause.

    Mills, you are and always have been a useless no load who is so blinded by hate and contempt of those who are far superior to you that you just blab and blab away. I hope someday you find Jesus or whatever it is your looking for. It’s obvious you need an intervention. If I were you I would put the booze down and go back to church. You’re a mean evil little white trash troll who will always be a never was. With the right treatment you can at least change any hope for your short future. As you say, God Bless ya!!

  30. I had to chime in here! God damn Mills, Bauer just dropped his nutts on your chin!!!! Mills you know a great deal of us hated to work for you because you acted like such a snivelin PRICK, most of the time. But I have to say the kid is right!!! We have targeted, started a file on, and terminated many a Deputy because they pissed us off or because thats what the Captains told us to do.

    But you know Bauer took on executive staff and won!!! You got to give it to the little bastard, he and his attorneys forced the department to pay him out a extraordinary amount of money to go away. We don’t do that unless we dropped the ball or got caught pushing a subordinate out.

    Don’t be a little bitch like you were when you were active. He got paid because he beat us. Now pour yourself a shot and choke it down, then give him the credit he’s due!!!

    Oh yeah, intel says Emmons is being pressured to move on. He will probably be gone before june of next year. At this point he is a huge liability for us. It doesn’t help him either, that deputies now detectives are talking about how he used to hit deputies in their nutts, because he thought it was funny.

    I hope nobody finds out that Nina was the one that chomped his ass about that when she was a LT. God only knows the things she might talk about, now that she has moved on to CSU San Berdoo…

    Hey Holtz, you give that idiot your phone # and you would be a bigger ding dong then we ever thought. You can be a hot head harvey sometimes, but your entertaining….

    Night night kids….

    • Sam when you say hotheaded on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being highest where do I stand in comparison to, Gary Huff, Leonard Johnson, or Hector Guerra, JUST to name a few?

      Second you are absolutely correct in starting files on employees that aren’t loved by the corrupt pricks. Just arrest someone they love and see what happens.

      That said since about 2007 to present, the Kangaroo Court of the County Civil Service Commission has been exposed from top to bottom. Yeah that where the ONLY real victories lay for those brilliant administrators.

      Starting with SEBA County Council Cynthia O’Neal, Hearing Officer David Hart and the Law Firm of Silver, Hadden, Silver and Wexler a few of us finally realized and pieced together what a tight knit little group of corrupt thugs they are.

      All those years of secrecy!

      We don’t need to argue that right now, but I can say it’s well documented.

      Since Cynthia O’Neal finally said enough of representing the Evecutive Staff there still is hope for McMahon because retired Undersheriff Beemer is on the Civil Service Commission. A true pillar of Justice and ethics for rank and file.

      Thanks for the belly laugh you get a golf clap.

      Right now me and Bauer have to worry about Seal Team 10 with the great Joe Henry and Tom Scalise former Texas Cowboy and bull rider.

  31. Oh, and for you Mr Exposing yourself as a lop, I wouldn’t throw around nor ask what the burden of guilt is when you don’t even know what one has to do to libel someone you dump truck. Now run along and play with someone who gives a rats ass about your opinion. The only true pathetic pussy is someone like you who hides behind a screen name. If you had half the balls I have you would post your name and a place to meet up. I’ll be waiting for the time, date, and location.

  32. Travis,

    Answer this one question before we go any further. This one question is all I ask you to answer.

    Have you ever issued a citation to a subject for ANY violation and that subject signed the citation when in fact that subject did not sign the citation and you signed it in that person’s name? Where in The academy did you ever learn that it’s okay to sign a persons name for a citation? Answer that Travis? Yep my point. You are a POS. Should’ve been fired long ago. If you can honestly say you never issued a citation and/or signed for an innocent person, then we are all wrong. You were a flipping lop and wrote citations to non violators to increase you stats. You then claimed that it was the norm and everybody did it. You are a POS. God bless. You should have never held a badge and will never hold one again.

    • Joe you haven’t answered anyones questions about anything since you been on the blogs.

      Now tell us how you and your fellow Sergeants at the time covered up the Wimberly rape case? Felony accessory? Absolutely.

      When your done explain the embezzlement case you over saw at Rancho?

      Don’t bust Bauers chops when the VERY people you cheer lead for did NOT try to prosecute Travis.

      Just how many documents have you fabricated in your day?

      Second McMahons Detectives with the assistance of Mike Ramos could convict a STUPID gangbanger for ADW who is now a has more money than the both of us and most likely life time medical.

      REALLY Joe?

      • Ouch, no wonder Mills is always trying to chop you down, you know ALL OF THE B.S. he has pulled over his corrupt career. You easily put him in his place and show what a true hypocrite he is.

        Mills the day you answer up to a SINGLE question, then and only then will you be worth anyone’s time.

    • Well since you are apparently retarded and can’t read, that is 100% false. It is in the documents.

      • One of your close buddies decided to sign on the citations then throw all of the originals away and later say that I did it. That’s how scandalous you are your pals roll Mills, dirtbags.

        • Joe knows Tim Smith well from his Rancho days. Joe was instrumental in keeping him from getting promoted at the time because in Joes expert view, he was a LIABILITY.

          Amazing how Joe try’s to explain the millions in recent payouts by the County as the NORM and cost effective in saving money.

          But in Smiths case the mere fact he had a couple lawsuits hanging over him he was a liability so not worthy of promotion.

          Joe did the same to another friend of mine. Not on the liability side but my buddy wouldn’t kiss Joes skinny butt.

          But in the case of 97 days I bet Joe thinks he is a SOLID dude.

          Those who have so much in common generally stick together. Especially those who spend an extreme amount of time on their knees.

          I don’t think Mike Ramos could make Joe Henry a victim of anything.

    • Your a walking contradiction. Having alcohol withdrawl’s again? You should read your prior posts before writing new ones. When you flip flop and fail to keep a consistent view, what little credibility you may have with somebody around here is lost. Just trying to throw ya an assist. I feel sorry for you.

      • The contradiction need not be explained Blasé, it’s written in the above story.

        I wonder if 97 days is on a “last chance agreement”? Been ordered to complete anger management? Naw he gets a suspension, keeps his rank, stays at his present assignment, car, stand by pay. Does one get stand by pay on 4850? What a deal if they do!

        But in the meantime he is on 4850 for high blood pressure collecting 100% TAX FREE salary. So the 24 days withdrawn from his pay STILL doesn’t hurt him.

        The $9,000 dollar fine as it equates to this scenario, He won’t be out any money.

        BUT he is being pressured to retire? WOW that’s ruff.

        I am amazed he wasn’t sent back to the JAIL like Captain Brown was. They told Brown his experience was needed there.

        With his experience with Internal Affairs investigations the two of them would make a hell of a team!

        A better thought would be send him to Barstow Station to work with Marhoefer and Roe.

        We can call it the Barstow clean out crew! What a concept!

  33. Oh and sorry, it’s clear you don’t have any friends at SBSD because you keep saying I won’t have a badge again. Well you cry baby if you had a friend in backgrounds you would know your WRONG AGAIN you clown. So sorry to disappoint you and it must really hurt to find out all the b.s. you were told about what happened isn’t true. My my my what a sucker you really are…..

    • Blase’ I remember when you got your settlement and the documents came out. I was so happy you fought the good fight and won, but I remember thinking that what you probably wanted was your job in law enforcement. I am happy to hear you have another one. When crap happens people like to tell you about Karma and how people will get theirs. And while I admit I would enjoy watching some people get what they deserve, to me that isn’t as important as hoping the universe allows you to go on and rebuild a good life, even if it isn’t the same as what you lost. The universe feels a little more fair today. I wish you the best.

      • That is very kind of you and I greatly appreciate it. It is nice to know that there are people in this world that have a genuinely good heart, unlike the Mills and Scalise’ in the world who are filled with hate and contempt. I still have yet to understand how people who have never met someone could want bad things to happen to them. I believe in Karma too, and that is probably why their lives are so miserable.

        You are right about Law Enforcement. Even tho I had won, had I not been able to get a job in law enforcement again they would have succeeded in taking my career away from me. Since that isn’t the case, as you say, things are still right in the universe today.

        Thanks again for the well wishes, it is nice to hear that people look to my case and see that the little people can win. Just know the system is more corrupt than I really even knew, so I would strongly encourage those that find themselves in a similar issue, YOU MUST get an attorney and union rep OUTSIDE of the current system SEBA is a joke. The civilian union is probably just as bad. Do your research and document everything. Thanks again!!!

  34. The LAST 4 lines of your comment Blasé are ABSOLUTE!

    And NEVER discard transcripts, voice recordings, depositions, photos, reports etc after your case.

    This County has a sordid reputation for up holding their end of ANY deal they offer.

    And starting your own file on a particular supervisor, person or problem is a MUST. When you have a on going problem with something or someone PAPER them or the problem.

    Our beloved leaders as shown in various cases seem to have a TERRIBLE memory. Especially when it comes to them remembering something they said.

    Depositions put up on these blogs have clearly shown how that is.

    Play the same game they do, it’s a two way street believe it or not.

    And make sure you watch your lawyer like you do your kids.

    You can always apologize later or take them to dinner for not giving them carte blanch on protecting your interests, JUST because they said you should.

    From the get go they make NO decisions without advising you first.

  35. Thank you for the reply.

    I agree, the system is absolutely more corrupt than most of us would think. It isn’t until we are in the middle of it all that we realize that. Thankfully now there is “google” and blogs like this one to help us out. I would add that at the end of the day the person we all have to live with is ourselves. Fight for yourself. If you don’t like what someone is telling you, look elsewhere. If you don’t like your lawyer, get another one(I did, the best thing that I did) If you fight the good fight and lose, it is easier to live with it all at the end of the day if you know that you fought for yourself.

    And, don’t allow anyone confidentiality, pay it forward and let others benefit, like Travis Bauer did.

  36. Blase’

    You’re turning chicken you-know-what into chicken salad. How many felonies did you kiss off in the years you did nothing ? In essence, you became the problem that law enforcement tried to eradicate. Not only did you burn other deputies, you actually became principal to crimes by breaking widows, not that I’d expect you to know James Q. Wilson. Heck, you don’t know probable cause from menopause.

    You are the one filled with hate, and it showed and still shows in every one of your posts. You were so infused with hatred that you’re resorted to criminal threats against those whom exposed your malfeasance/misfeasance/nonfeasance.

    I remain incredulous about your allegedly finding another law enforcement career. Tell us about it. In what state are you in law enforcement? State of confusion does not count as a geographic location. Are you sworn? Did your alleged agency perform a background investigation on you? Not only were you the essence of a lop, you’ve committed perjury to cover for your ineptitude. You ought to consider yourself lucky for not being where you belong: in prison.

    Blase, there is no hate here or in any other post. It was truth, Since truth is anathema to you, you were left with rejoinder of wild and desperate recrimination.

    Tell us, lop, how many crimes against children did you kiss off in your career? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Finally, which one one of you two cackling magpies is which: who is Heckle and who is Jeckle? When Kenny is off of his meds, he does resemble Jeckle which leaves accounts for your heckling.

    Jus’ sayin’…

  37. First, SBSD is not perfect and will never be perfect but some departments are better while others are not. I think Sheriff McMahon is a lot better than Hoops by leaps and bounds. There are good people on the Department but it takes time to find them and make sure they are good people.

    I know Emmons and I never trusted or liked him just tolerated him. He was well connected to brass and to executive staff and basically could get away with anything.

    He was foul mouthed, drank heavily, insulting, lazy, and loved to watch disgusting porn images and porn videos on his work computer. He never cared who saw because he was protected. He eventually got promoted to sergeant and I am sure he continued with his debauchery as a sergeant with blessings from management. I know of several good people that were passed over for sergeant but Emmons out of group 5 gets the promotion. Then he gets promoted to lieutenant in a short time is simply who you know promotinal procedure.

    If anyone thinks you will get promoted by hard work, education and knowledge you are wrong. You will passed over every single time by cronyism, favoritism and nepotism. Those isms are what you will need to move up the promotion ladder especially to sergeant and up.

    If anyone on this Department is considering to lateral to another agency it might be a wise move. I did a few years ago and it was the best decision I made for me and my family.

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