Speaking of stuff

Let’s say for this hypothetical situation that Greg Devereaux were a girl.  Let’s name her Gigi.

Gigi is getting past her prime.  Gigi doesn’t particularly like men.  Gigi wants to be a momma.  Gigi, due to her very high-ranking employment situation, is able to meet lots of rich, well-known men in the local community but none of them want to be her sperm donor, although it doesn’t stop her from flirting with some really big names who are pretty appalled (and married).

Gigi finally starts to look within her own organization for a baby daddy.  Well, not really a baby daddy as much as a sperm donor, but you get the picture.

Would you say this takes workplace sexual harassment to a new level?  How would you feel if your boss (many levels higher than you) wanted you to make a baby with them?  Would you be flattered, or offended, or scared for your job?

Sometimes things get really weird.

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