Legislator wants to end Daylight Savings Time in California

Kansen Chu

With the loss of an hour’s sleep only days away, one California legislator wants to end the practice of springing forward and falling back once and for all.  Assemblyman Kensen Chu (D-San Jose) introduced Assembly Bill 2496 last week, which would ultimately allow voters to decide if they want to keep Daylight Savings Time (DST) eight months out of the year or permanently end the twice-yearly ritual of resetting clocks.

As currently written, AB 2496 would establish Standard Pacific Time as the standard time year round.  During the middle of the year that would mean earlier sunrises and sunsets.  The sun would be gone before 8 p.m. during even the longest days of summer.

California residents voted in favor of Daylight Savings Time through the initiative process in 1949.  The arguments of the time included that DST gave farmers a longer time to tend their fields, would cut down on accidents, and make juveniles less delinquent.

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6 thoughts on “Legislator wants to end Daylight Savings Time in California

  1. Clearly, the “progressive party” seems to be working overtime on the issues important to the State.

    Trains to places nobody goes, fresh water fhushed out into the pacific during a major drought, and this diamond-studded piece of legislation.

    We’re screwed.

  2. And then there are millions of us, who have been waiting for this for decades upon decades. We hope it passes!

  3. I’m one of them. When I was still working in an office where I was supposed to be at work at a certain time, Daylight Savings Time was a killer, almost literally. Not only was I way less productive during that time but only narrowly avoided my share of car accidents. It really wrecked havoc on my ability to get a decent amount of sleep.

  4. It would be great to have Californians vote on daylight savings time as it does not work and it’s a waste of time. Let’s get back to standard Pacific time and leave it that way. I think most Californians will vote to do away with daylight savings time.

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