How would you feel if you logged onto Facebook and discovered your loved one was dead?


That is exactly what is happening thanks to Hugo Valdez, the owner of a local so-called news site in the high desert.  I am not going to name the news site because I am not going to give that POS one more hit than he already gets.

Yesterday, I was looking at my Facebook news feed and all of a sudden there was a photo of a crime scene with a very badly decomposed body.  It was disgusting.  Not only did Valdez run the photo of the bones, but he elaborated on who they might belong to.  The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department had not even confirmed it yet.  And sure enough, a friend of the supposed deceased learned about it on her Facebook page.

It was not the first time this has happened.  Another Facebook user was going through her news feed only to see a video that had just been posted of her family member’s lifeless body being removed from an accident scene.  Yes, the family member (mother or sister, I don’t remember which) was dead and that’s how she learned about it.

More recently, a famous pilot was killed in Apple Valley.  Again, to be the first with the news, Valdez released the information for the next of kin were notified.

This narcissistic creature actually thinks he is doing God’s work by putting out “real news” and banning anyone from his site that takes exception:


Not only that, but he and his mentally impaired fans are behind the bloody dog photo where they created a horrible situation for the employees at the city of Hesperia.  After an investigation by the Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney’s office determined that there was not animal abuse and no charges were filed.

They have been involved in other fake scandals as well, all in the name of putting out “real news.”  But that is not all of it, they often plagiarise the Daily Press (pretty much every normal story), except they don’t even have the courtesy to use proper grammar and spelling.  The writing is that of a fifth grader.

Oh, and his big sponsor is Valley Hi Toyota, which makes them a POS too for sponsoring such rubbish.  #Boycott #ValleyHiToyotas

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