Clauder arrested for transportation of $1 million in weed


Sam is in trouble again.  This time it is in Texas where he was found transporting approximately $1 million in weed.  I was surprised to learn he is out on jail.  I thought for sure they would keep him locked up but he was released the next day.  To read Doug Saunder’s story, click here.

Here is the thing about this story.  I know he needed the money.  And he’s been involved with the industry for so long he probably feared for his life trying to leave it behind him once the porn charges were dropped and he filed the lawsuit. But for crying out loud, if you are going to go after the district attorney and the sheriff, you will have a target on your back.  The smartest thing to do is stay totally clean, but if you can’t for fear of your life, at least don’t tell everyone that will listen what you are up to.

I am not suggesting that Sheriff McMahon or District Attorney Ramos are behind what happened in Texas.  I am suggesting that if you tell enough people what you are doing, word will make it to the wrong person eventually.  I imagine Texas is probably one of the last places you want to get busted for something like this.

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  1. Sam aside, there is a very small real need for medical marijuana. A very small number of people going to medical marijuana clinics are for legitimate medical marijuans needs. A samll amount of the marijuana being grown in the area is going to medical marijuana clinic.

    I talked one next door neighbor into giving up allowing a grow between his barn and my nursery because he did not know where the crop was going. My other next door neighbor put in a grow in what was said to be a chicken coop. A few months later amedical marijuana clinic opened up next to his uncle’s business.

    Say what you want about California’s medical marijuana laws, and whether they violate the supremacy clause under the US Constitution, and wheter California should stand up sunder states rights; interstate distribution of marijuana is a separate issue altogether.

    To grow and package 200 pounds of marijuana in California takes organization. To distribute 200 pounds of marijuana in Florida takes some organization. If Sam was transporting 200 pounds of marijuana from California to Florida through Texas, he was part of an organized crime ring.

    Those in Nuevo who think that we are part of the medical community, and those who advocate marijuana as a positive source of revenue for the City of Adelanto ar either incredibly nieve, normally stupid, or liars. You are inviting in organized crime, giving those who profit in it priviledged stature in your communities, and accepting all that results from it.

  2. According to The Sun story, the Texas State Trooper smelled the odor of marijuana, which suggests that Mr. Clauder had been smoking it.

    I am not familiar with drug trafficking procedure, but it would seem to me that you would want to be fully alert, and take steps to avoid doing things like driving on the shoulder of the highway, which is the reason he was pulled over.

    If he was smoking marijuana while transporting 174 pounds of it, that wasn’t too smart.

  3. Well let this be a lesson to those in SBSD who are the Admin’s hit men. If the deputy you seek is as bad as they say, don’t FABRICATE EVIDENCE, LIE ON THE STAND, AND DO ALL THE OTHER SHENANIGANS YOU DO because if you don’t get him/her today, you will get them tomorrow.

    Point being, if they are as bad as they say, why do you need to lie and fabricate evidence? Let it play out…..Or is it that the deputy stood up to the regime and because of that he/she is out……..Hmmmmm ya probably the latter…..

  4. Transporting 175 pounds of anything is going to smell. And OOF obviously missed the reason for the stop was a traffic violation….. not a massive, trailing green cloud.

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